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Fastback Friday: Lifted MINI Cooper Edition

Kamil Kaluski March 2, 2012 Redusernab Fastback Friday 28 Comments

Ok, so it’s not a “fastback” per se (or is it?), but what it is, is a MINI Cooper S with a lift kit. And mudders. Yes, a MINI Cooper, not the cute-ute but a regular Cooper S, with mud terrain tires. And it’s awesome!

[Source: ]

I am not sure of the exact reason why the owner chose to install (possibly manufacture too?) a 3″ suspension lift, but if you have to ask why then you’re missing the point. The questions is why not?

Fifty hours of work and a trip to the hospital (I guess it’s a good thing MINIs are relatively light) and it’s done. And I like it! People lower, or slam, their cars all the time. I am not sure far off-road this MINI can go but it looks like a really cool rally car, and judging from the below picture wheel articulation is pretty good too. 

A very important but often overlooked thing for Jeep and other such vehicle is a spare tire in the proper size and I have for this guy. Good job!

  • TX_Stig

    Well, the forumites do often complain about stock suspension and stock wheel and tire sizes being a "4×4" look. I suppose these guys took that idea and really ran with it. Brilliant! On a side note, it's extremely difficult to find performance coil overs that are not intended to lower cars.

  • $kaycog

    This is a lifted MINI Cooper.

    <img src=";

    • WIN!

  • PowerTryp

    Will this one rip it's own face off while trying to winch a heavyer vehicle up a hill?

  • What are those two dudes saying to each other?

    • It seemed like a good idea at the time

      • Joe_Btfsplk

        "Dude… you think we should put it back into the dumpster?"

  • Silly.

  • Joe_Btfsplk

    Massachusetts must have laws on the books that address the molestation of mini.

  • i really really love this idea.

    • Baja Miata!

      • thats exactly what went through my head when i saw this.

        too bad i spent all that money to make it more of a street car…

  • pj134

    Samurai revival.

  • danleym

    That must have some awful wheel rub as soon as you turn the steering wheel…

    • jeepjeff

      Seriously, but it looks like it's going to rip the front fender off without even turning the wheel (or possibly after the first pebble).

      Other than that, I like the idea, and it looks cool.

    • BlackIce_GTS

      I bet it's really fast.
      Because rubbin' is racin'.

  • Scandinavian Flick

    <img src=";

  • ADwun

    These things have been winning Dakar races for a while. Lifted mini coopers aren't new. Crawl out from under the rock, people.

    • joshuman

      The Dakar version is packing a 6-cylinder 3l twin-turbo diesel. It is a full-on race car. This lifted car is more of a "let's go out in the woods, get stuck, and drink beer" Mini.
      <img src="; width=400>

  • njhoon

    uhm. Wicked.

  • Thebloody323

    This has about as much use as me taking a Jeep Rubicon and lowering it to 3 inches off the ground.

  • Kogashiwa

    Right now right here this thing looks extremely sensible and useful.

    Guess I'll finish my coffee and then go dig out the Cibbic from the eight inches of snow I didn't see because the entire universe has turned an even shade of white apparently.

  • I'd DD this every day I could.

  • JayP2112

    I'd found a pair of early fight Fuchs from CL with some fat tires- figured I could use them with race tires on the 944. Since they were early and my car was 'late' I had ABS hubs. Offset was wrong so they stuck out too much. But looked killer. I need to find that pic!!!

  • The only thing that seems strange about that Mini, is the fact that I had no idea that BFG made Mud-Terrains that small!!!

    ///quickly opens a new tab—scrambles to order a set that will fit Lada Niva…

    • Franco

      Yes! I would like to know what size are thos tires!

      • Cody

        I own the mini.Thank you to whoever decided it was article worthy,it makes me feel good.The tires are bf goodrich mud terrains 215/75/15.

  • C15

    I have a year old countryman that I would like to do something similar to, any thoughts or tips on the best way to go about a lift like this? I'm not looking for anything too serious height wise but would like to accommodate for a tire with more sidewall than stock, thanks

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