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Gallery: The Dezer Collection Museum in North Miami shows us the desirable and the obscure

Kamil Kaluski February 27, 2012 Redusernab Goes To... 20 Comments

I happened to be visiting my aunt and uncle in the swanky ocean front area of Palm Beach County when I came across an article . Turned into a quasi-museum the collection is divided into two sections: car and motorcycles, and mini cars and star cars.

Recently opened, is spread over 250,000 square feet and features over 600 cars which are surrounded by memorabilia and life scenes of the era. The collection features many of typical American vehicles we see at car shows: finned Caddies, 50s Bel Airs, but in there are also rarer and interesting DeSotos, Edsels, and Jeeps. But the import section was even more impressive. Full gallery after the jump. 

If the American section is impressive the import section is downright amazing as most of the models displayed were not available for sale on the U.S. market. Just imagine a DAF, Moskvitch, Zastava, Reliant, Tatra, various 2CVs and Fiats all living within feet of each other. And then there is the small but equally amazing military collections featuring military-spec vehicles from all over the world, including Land Rovers and Citroens, and some lightweight amphibious vehicles.

The reason why this collection is not necessarily a museum is because all (or most) of the cars are available for sale. At $2,000,000 the Desunberg seemed the most expensive and most cars were on the slightly high side of their market value but all seemed to be in very good condition.

I spent two hours at the museum and I have only seen the one side. The movie star side has Batmobiles and such, and soon a special section of vehicles from the James Bond movies will open, which I am sure will be worth coming back for. Enjoy the pics, and if you’re in the greater Miami area, this is not to be missed.

  • Jim-Bob

    This post actually helped me figure out a mystery. A few days ago, I was delivering pizza to a run down trailer on a dirt road. Next to the trailer my customer lived in (he was renting the back half…it's pretty bad when you can only rent a half or a third of a trailer!) was what looked like a Kaiser CJ-5. I went and looked at it and noted the hole in the side of the hood. I figured it was for a snorkel but the odd thing was that it looked like a factory hole that was stamped when the Jeep was new. Now I know why. The military version seems to have had a snorkel that this Jeep now lacked. You never know what you will find delivering pizza. I also know where there is a very complete 1970 Cadillac ambulance under a carport on another dirt road but that is a story for another day…

  • Reminds me of the Imperial Palace car collection in Vegas. If I remember correctly, they were liquidating those cars fairly recently. In any case, a very cool find. May I suggest a name change though? How about the Redusernab Collection Museum? Amirite? Looks like a synopsis of some of the oddball parts of many of our collective garages.

    • I think the Imperial Palace collection has been a quasi-collector car dealership for several years. The inventory does get rotated occasionally.

  • oldcarjunkie

    Looks like a nice place. The BEST place for odd and unusual cars in the Lane museum in Nashville.

    • They believe in driving them, too.

  • Manic_King

    That orange Moskwich is the one James May used in Top Gear's commie cars episode:

  • RegalRegalia

    WTF creepy mannequins.

  • Man, that is some nice stuff. A DS21 with covered and steerable headlights? Sweet!! Thanks for sharing K. I wonder if you buy a vehicle from them, do they refund the fifty buck admission charge?

  • How is that the articles that I find interesting, such as this, have the least amount of comments?

    • UDman

      Don't worry Kamil, Glucker will have the least amount of comments with the Ariel Atom piece he just did. Sorry Jeff, but I find the Atom to be a monumental waste of time and energy, and having all the Top Gear Fanboys pant over it just makes me dislike it even more.

      • I know what you mean… I've never seen one but I find it interesting.

    • To me, at least, some articles just seem more self-contained than others. I enjoyed the heck out of the photos but at the same time find that I don't have much to add beyond "Yup, I sure want to own a Panhard some day" and "Indeed, Siata Springs are as homely as ever."

      I haven't noticed that there's necessarily a strong correlation (positive or negative) between the quality of the article and the quantity of comments. It may be best to treat them as independent aspects of Hooniversishness. I believe longrooffan can sympathize with your quandary, if that helps.

      • dr zero

        I usually find longrooffan's posts the most interesting on a given day. But because of the way he tells a story, there is often little than I think that you can add to his posts in the comments. Sam with this post, it's a pretty cool collection, but how many comments saying the same thing can be posted before we move on. Luckily we avoid this here, but it can lead to not many comments on some of the more interesting posts.

      • Well, I have the access to analytics and I can tell you that there a correlation to pageviews and comments… not that I care too much about that sort of thing, as if we did we'd turn into you know what.

        • Indeed. [REDACTED] that all to [REDACTED][REDACTED]!

    • Alcology

      Lots to look at, not much to say about it? I'd break in there if I was going to go criminal

      • Lots of cameras so dress up as someone you don't like.

    • FЯeeMan

      I'm often running several days behind on my post reading, so my comments are likely going to be missed by others. Also, I'm here mostly learning, so you'd get tired of me saying "Wow, I didn't know that!" in response to nearly every post and comment. I do read nearly every article and the comments, I just don't have a lot of intelligent things to add, so I don't bother posting "Last!!!!11!1!!111"

      As an aside, my son & I just took a trip to Vegas, and did take a morning to review the Imperial Palace car museum. Once I get myself organized, I'll send in a link to a photo stream somewhere. You might be able to use a few as mystery cars, or just toss the whole lot up for some work-hour time wasting. I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked taking pictures of some of the cars, my son has a rather short att… Look! A squirrel!!!!!

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