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Time Sink: Hundreds of Automotive Brochures from the Last Hundred Years

Kamil Kaluski February 13, 2012 Featured, Modern Art Monday, Out of Print 30 Comments

My Dearest Hoons,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. I chose this late afternoon timeslot to post this because I love you and I want you to stay employed and/or not expelled from school. The worst that this post will do is leave you single, which isn’t going to matter because after seeing just a snippet of this, you will want to be alone.

First off, allow me to say that the tips regarding this amazing find came from so some many people that I cannot possibly mention all of you and thank all of you personally. Have no doubt however, that you are in my thoughts. And in a not in a Chris Hansen disapproving sort of way either.  Anyway, why don’t you have a seat right over there.

The below links contain a gateway to hundreds of automotive brochures from the 1920s all the way up to the last decade. All are nicely scanned in and sorted in alphabetical and chronological order. This collection is simply amazing: DeSoto, Pierce, Stutz, Duesenberg, Hudson, Studebaker, and others. The collection also includes foreign cars of which there are simply too many to name.

I have spent about two hours on these sites with no end in sight. This is simply amazing. The domain names look a little weird, but it’s harmless (except the above), so click away:


Thanks for the tip Skitter, Longroofian, SloppyMcCheese and many others.

Sincerly yours, 


  • pj134

    Do you realize what this is going to do to Rust? He might have an aneurysm from this…

    Favorite so far: 1968 Lincoln Continental:
    <img src="; width="500/">
    "Damn that was good stuff"

    When I complain about today's interiors being boring I don't think how awesome something like this is.
    <img src="; width=500>

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      <img src="; width="500"> Not this one? "Swinger makes you feel good inside"

      My favorite so far, it looks so fast:
      <img src="; width="500">

      • "12 out of 14 polydactyls agree that the Shelby Lancer is the performance bargain for '88."

  • Devin

    I used to have a ton of brochures, mostly from Ford, Chrysler and GM. Unfortunately, many were cut up in an attempt to make things like the Buick Lesabre look sleek and slick on my bedroom wall.

    One thing I distinctly remember was that Chrysler's brochures in '96 or so were slick as hell, all white with the silhouette of the car outlined in a shiny reflective material on the outside. Really high quality paper stock – Ford's paper stock was almost always crap, GM I don't remember – and just generally a cut above. Whoever was in charge of Chrysler Canada's brochures in those days was fantastic.

    Ah, wasted youth and a love of graphic design.

    • I concur. My few '90s trips to the US usally netted me a dozen or so; among the glossiest I harvested were the GM full-line brochures. The later square format brochures were terrific, and smell great, especially the '98 Aurora. Ford brochures were printed on glossier stock from late '94; possibly a little too glossy as the pages tended to self-amalgamate.

      The one crucial way that European brochures beat 'Murkan ones? I don't think I have a single US one with any performance figures.

      • pj134

        Too bad you didn't get an American CTS-V brochure from 2004. They talked about the ring before it became the cool thing to do.
        <img src="; width="500/">
        (Ok, I admit it, the question at the top of the page hurts quite a bit.)

        • I should have taken quarterly trips stateside. Hang the expense.

          At the turn of the century, when I first had internet access I had a few attempts at getting stuff sent to the UK from overseas manufacture websites, with disappointing results. Strangely, New Zealand Ford sent me loads of stuff. USA, not so much. Must try harder.

  • raphaelinberlin

    <img src="; width="500">

    I just wanted to say thank you.

    • Gigady!

  • tonyola

    More great brochure sites:

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Kamil, you should have waited until tomorrow, a Valentine's gift to us all!

  • Complete the list.
    <img src="; width="600"> …

    • Manta Love!!!

  • scroggzilla

    Also of interest to the peanut gallery ….

    • scroggzilla

      Also, there's this site which sells reproductions of the fantastic graphic art that was a part of many of these brochures. For example:

      <img src=";
      <a href="” target=”_blank”>

      • RegalRegalia

        may I say exhaust incorporated into the bumper is the best thing ever.

  • buzzboy7

    Just sitting down to do homework….or at least I was…

    1981 AMC Eagle SX/4
    "Out corners Trans-Am, in soft sand. Out accelerates Mustang Turbo, in loose dirt."
    I am also told it is the Official Car of the national ski patrol.
    And because I love eagles, this one seen at Snowbasin UT
    <img src="; width="600">

    • danleym

      Eagles are freaking awesome. I have dreams of having a rally SX4 someday.

    • RegalRegalia

      Just saw an SX4 tonight! No camera unfortunately.

  • <img src="; width=450>

    That's it, I'm spent.

    • M44Power

      My favorite Swiss automaker! Thank you!

      • And they're up against some pretty tough competition!

        • M44Power

          That they are. Interesting read at: …

  • skitter

    Why was I not told about this?
    ; width="500">

  • I had a casual look and I've already learned something: early Jeeps were available in 2 wheel drive models! I thought they were all 4×4…
    <img src="; width =640>

  • First off, this olelongrooffan must thank fellow car guy, TomK with the link he provided me to this awesome site. Yeah, this is him with his first car, he bought with his own money, back in the day. As is to be expected, he, to this day, wonders why he sold it.

    ; width="500" height="357" alt="TomK-Car-1">

    Second, I too have lost many otherwise productive hours exploring this site and enjoy the hell of it, as well as plan59.com. That site rocks…not as much as Redusernab…but it does.

    • Third, since I can't seem to locate the Willy's ad my older brother, the Bus, sent me, here is a scan of a cool old bowtie longroof ad that I just love.

      ; width="342" height="500" alt="chevgate">

      Finally, if any of my fellow Hoons come across a 2WD Willys with a column shifter at a reasonable price, take note. Those DJ3A's were the basis of a "Surrey" (google image them) back in the day and are worth a few bucks these days.

  • Thanks, Kamil. My Dad had a Fiat 131 coupe like the one above. It was a legendary POS. One of these days I'll fire up Photoshop and edit the specs to be consistent with his ownership experience. Brave man that he was, he replaced it with a 911S, which merely introduced him to a better class of mechanic.

    • Oyy.

  • salguod


    They've got brochures and manuals too. Need a '59 Ford Carb manual in Spanish? :

    <img src="; width=500>

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