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CAS 2012: Fiat 500 Abarth

Redusernab February 8, 2012 Car Shows, Chicago Auto Show 6 Comments

" and listen to that sound....it growls at you...grrrr! I'm only this big but I'm a Lamborghini really, I am, I really am I promise!"-Jeremy Clarkson

  • pj134

    So much want.

  • craigsu

    Ummm, yeah….hooo boy.

    [ cpi2IAec9Ho ]

    [Translation] – Trusting the YouTube commenter on this

    What´╗┐ are you looking at huh?

    What are you looking at? "SLAP!"

    You are undressing me with your eyes!

    You could do no less, poor thing.

    Your heart is beating.

    Is your head spinning?

    You’ll be lost thinking of that sensation forever.

    • I love that girl. Love her. I even told my wife that I loved her… and she told me to go get her!!!!

  • On Monday, it was painful listening to radio DJs talk about the Abarth Superbowl ad.

    -Oh what a cute car.
    -What was that car, like a Smart car?
    -The Ay-Bard ad was great.

    Ad nauseum…

  • This car makes me feel warm down deep inside.

  • I drove the regular 500 and…. HATED IT!!! It was a two-hour drive; shitty gas mileage, very bumpy ride, crappy radio, crappy interior finish. No wonder no one is buying them.

    I saw that Abarth on the street in Europe over the summer… looks cool but I'll reserve my judgement until I drive it.