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Two Wheel Tuesday: Victory asks to Judge its Hard-Ball

Redusernab February 7, 2012 Two-Wheel Tuesday 42 Comments

Victory takes another swing at the mid-range market by revealing two new motorcycles in January. The new duo is giving its customers the choice between a Stealth Fighter, the Hard-Ball, and the Pontiac GTO Judge, appropriately named Judge.

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Victory Judge:


Victory want’s to evoke the classic Pontiac GTO using the wheel design and the orange paint. Offering up the muscle bike look with the 106ci (1731cc) corporate air cooled V-Twin to back it up. With drag handle bars and forward controls the bike leans you forward, this bike isn’t designed for the long trips. The Judge customer is a person who will use it as a commuter or as a way to get out of the house, for that it should work very well. Prices start at $13,999.

Victory Hard-Ball:


Victory’s main customer is the same as their competition’s Harley Davidson. Someone who appreciates American design and who is willing to cough up a few extras bucks for this right. Polaris has done a good job helping to keep the look of their motorcycles different from the Motor Companies. Whether that’s the art deco look of the Victory Vision or the stealth look of the new Hard-Ball.  This Victory adds factory mini apebars to the cruiser look along with the good use of matte black paint.  The Hard-Ball starts at $13,499.
  • pj134


    Seriously though, when are American bike companies going to make something that isn't a car? Also, they're kind of ugly…

    • Irishzombieman

      "Victory Motorcycles loaned us motorcycles and asked us to go motorcycling and the print our impressions of motorcycling on their motorcycles."

      The Judge ain't so bad (though I actively DISLIKE the tailpipes), but the Hardball. . . I don't like it and I can't quite say why, except that, like you said, it's ugly.

      • pj134

        I was making a funny about a certain individuals "hard hitting journalism" that ended up getting one of the hoon staff fired from their day job. The other part was that the author won a Victory last year in a random "enter to win" type thing. Clearly it's a conspiracy that is just coming to fruition ten months later! DENIAL MEANS IT'S TRUE (note: not referencing next gen corvettes with this part, I promise)!

        The hardball reminds me of this:
        <img src="; width="500/">

        The Judge reminds me of the entirely overplayed chopper look that was much more in at the middle of the 2010s then it currently is. Like a more streetable version.

        Oh and my disclosure: I passionately dislike Polaris because their marketing guy was a complete and utter tool when talking to people over on hellforleather when Polaris purchased Indian.

        • fodder650

          Actually, for the record, I have a Harley story ready to go as well I just posted it to late to make it onto today's list.. Since yes you are correct the author is a bit Victory focused. Bike owners tend to pick a brand and hyper focus to it. I wrote what I know so I went with these two models. I was hoping the Harley story made it out today today as well so it looked a little less biased.

          As for something that doesn't look like a car. I'm with you here. Although I don't think the Hard-Ball looks like a car. What I still want to see is a true starter bike from an American manufacturer. Right now that isn't an option.

          • pj134

            You know me better than to think I was actually in anyway serious with that comment, right? Everybody has their brand for everything and I have learned to accept that. I really just took the opportunity to make Jeff frown a little bit.

            • fodder650

              Yeah I took it a bit personal but i have my reasons for that which I will keep to myself. Especially after I saw the Tourer post this morning run with a Vision picture. I sent several emails asking to have this one pulled for the Harley one.

              Thank you for replying though

              • pj134

                As I was posting that I though "Shit, I'm going to catch him in the crossfire". But, I've come to grips with the realization that I'm kind of an asshole.

                How about a Cleveland CycleWerks post? The other two bastards don't need the help marketing their overweight beasts and it would be cool if CCW got enough money to bring manufacturing over from China. At least they keep dangling that carrot for us…

                • fodder650

                  I'll go add it to my list. Actually I've really wanted to do a Motus piece and just haven't written it. It's also a small American manufacturer that's just getting started.

                  <img src="; width=600 />

        • Irishzombieman

          I knew about the first part. That particularly shitty bit of journalism was the final reason I wandered away from [Redacted]. That assclown won a motorcycle? That's ironically amusing, and makes me dislike him all the more.

          • pj134

            No, fodder did.

            • Irishzombieman

              /smacks forehead

              Sorry again, Fodder. I've no animosity towards anyone winning motorcycles (am happy to've found out it was you and hope you enjoy your bike immensely), but have plenty towards a certain jackass at another website. I'd be annoyed if he won a candy bar.

              I'm gonna shut up now.

              • pj134

                When you put your foot in your mouth as often as I do you get used to it I guess.

              • fodder650

                HA! Well I'm glad it's me you are ok with winning it. It has 1950 mile on it now since August and has been out at least once a month throughout the winter. Which would normally be an accomplishment in PA but not this year. My plans are to really put a ton of miles on it starting in the Spring. Especially by using it as a commuter when I go back to work, but also by doing a lot of trips on it.

          • pj134

            I should say, many story lines intersecting in my sociopathic commenting.

        • Robert Pandya

          Hello – Robert Pandya External Relations Manager for Victory and the "tool" in question according to pj134 (what where your parents thinking when they named you that?)

          Sorry you felt that my engagement in conversation with JT on HFL presented Polaris in some sort of negative light for you. A shame because Polaris is making products that simply do kick ass – they may not be for you, but in the wake of our best year ever, increasing appreciation and consistent quality and satusfaction results they clearly are for someone.

          Manufacturing a bike that is profitable, meets DOT EPA and global regulations as well as the stringent internal policies is tough. Designing them so they fulfill a market nitche and respect the dealer relationship is tough. But Polaris is tough and the products that we put out are succesful. They may not end up in your garage, but then again – we may surprise you soon.

          • pj134

            Make something that weighs less than a hippo and maybe you'll stumble upon a whole new market for US bikes. Also, if Indian is going to continue building bikes that are stuck in a time warp, why not go for the racing heritage too? Good spellcheck by the way.

      • fodder650

        Honestly I haven't ridden either yet. Victory didn't provide me with these bikes because I didn't ask for them. Had I asked I would have come out in the open about it. Still if I was in the readers place I would have thought the same thing. I do like the Judge styling but what gets me is not the pipes. It's that round thing under the seat. Makes me nuts because I can't figure out what it's there for. Is it supposed to make you think of the GTO's air cleaner? Is it there for a racing number? Is it there to make Fodder go mad?

        • pj134

          The round bit is driving me nuts too. Maybe they're trying to make it look like the fender hips? I don't know, but it hurts my head.

        • Irishzombieman

          Great place to put stickers, maybe? Those pipes, though. . . They'd look so much better straight.

          See pj's comment above–I was just jumping on his Disclosure joke. Apologies, amigo.

          • fodder650

            No no you guys did nothing wrong. I was being hyper defensive and I shouldn't have been.

            Another internet rule – walk back and think before replying

            Guess which internet rule Fodder didn't follow?

    • hotrodrendering

      Still ugly and still copies of HD's. The judge is a v-rod knock off, and the v-rod is no winner either. Too bad, I was hopeful.

      • pj134

        Aren't HD's copies of HD's at this point though?

  • Kogashiwa

    <img src="; width="600">

    k, caption contest.

    "The last time he smiled was in 1976"

    • pj134

      "The last time he pooped was in 1976"

      • Kogashiwa

        Ah I was going to edit but can't if a reply exists I see.

        "you meet the glummest people on a Victory"

      • I assume the smiling followed the pooping.

        • Irishzombieman

          Don't it always?

        • pj134

          Immediately or a little while later?

          The only thing immediately following was blood.

          Yes, I went there.

    • Irishzombieman

      ". . . when he ran over a puppy while riding in a Bi-Centennial parade."

    • skitter

      "I swallowed a bug."

    • fodder650

      "Pennsylvania… Why do I always have to ride through Pennsylvania. They make me where this stupid skull cap"

      • pj134

        I thought Pennsylvania was helmet less so long as you passed your MSF?

        • fodder650

          Actually yes you are right. See I've been riding since '98 and it's a relatively new law. So why the heck did I choose my own state there. Oh that's right I just woke up and my brains scrambled.

          Remember kids don't post on the internet until you are full aware 🙂

          • pj134

            Also, two years of riding in place of MSF and over 21 no matter what, I believe.

            Really is a dumb law.

            • fodder650

              Pennsylvania logic – So you have to wear a seatbelt but you don't have to wear a helmet. So I pay the price in higher insurance costs because the weekend warriors want the feel of the air through their hair. See I don't have enough hair left to protect me against a curb though.

              I always wear my helmet no matter how short the trip. Not because it's the law but because I read to many "Bike versus.." news stories. Still here in PA at least it's your choice in the matter.

    • stickmanonymous

      Years later, Marvyn revealed that the reason he always scowled when riding his Victory wasn't because he was such a badass, but because he had such a silly bike.

      Oh, and pssst! Yer stand's down!

    • Van_Sarockin

      You can't believe how pissed off I am, that the homeowner's association made me buy a bike and leathers that matched the garage door.

    • Deartháir

      "The shoulders are a bit tight. They make it look like I have no neck. Also, the fact that I have no neck may contribute."

  • Robert Pandya

    Thanks for your posting on the new models. Please note that the Hard-Ball Special Edition starts at $19,999 and is based on the Cross Country platform complete with ABS Cruise Control and many more features such as upside down cartridge forks and stainless brake lines and adjustable controls.

    All the best –

    Robert Pandya
    Victory Motorcycles External Relations

    • fodder650

      I got the prices of the high-ball and the hardball mixed up, Thanks for the correction

  • Robert Pandya

    By the way – the side panels have optional graphics that reflect the muscle car style and offer a chance for the owner to customize the bike to their tastes. Exhaust pipes are the single most expensive part to develop on a motorcycle, and often the first part to be customized, so as with the styling we let the potential owner make the call. And we welcome them to the family when they choose to ride a Victory.

    All the best –

    • jim

      why is the judge so heavy?
      under 600# would be a good weight for a muscle bike
      might also say i already have a test ride set up at the local victory dealer

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