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Redusernab Classic Caption – The 1987 Dodge 600 Edition

Jim Brennan January 16, 2012 Redusernab Classic Captions Contest 40 Comments

This is the third week of 2012, and with this being Monday it must be time for the Redusernab Classic Caption Contest. Redusernab is one of the most engaging Automotive sites on the web, with some of the best fans anywhere. The Classic Captions category is the perfect example of this, and here’s how. I have gathered images from around the web, presented them in a posting like this, and our fans write pithy, snarky, and often humorous captions to these images. I have been awarding prizes, and this week, it’s a new Hartford Freightliner Baseball Cap, and one will go out to you if you are deemed the winner.

Last week, we had an image 2 Studebakers in Surburbia, and the number of participants for this edition of the contest was lacking. Was it the image? was it the fact that I posted this on a Tuesday? Whatever the reason, our man , who always comes through with an entertaining line is the winner with this one liner:

“Where do you think you’re going? You have to stay here and buff The Commander”.

Congratulations Alff. I will be in touch later this week.

It’s now time to take a look at this weeks illustration. It is a brochure image for the 1987 Dodge 600 Sedan. The Dodge 600 was a stretched version of the evergreen Chrysler “K” car, and was badged as a Plymouth (Caravelle), a Dodge, and a couple of Chryslers (E-Class, New Yorker). The image shows a couple of people with what I can only assume is a professional video camera for a news program. So, who do you think is going to stand in front of the camera, and which one is suppose to be operating the camera? Doesn’t the woman in the picture look a lot like ? Isn’t that guy look a lot like an instead of a Field Reporter? (You can click on the image to see it full sized)

You have the next five days to come up with a great caption. The editors will then watch re-runs of , and and see if we can understand the allure of Ms. Engel, and then get to awarding this weeks prize when we give up.

On another note, my e-mail decided to dump its contents, so I need the following people to me so that their prize can be sent: Maymar, Van_Sarockin, and Tomsk. Anyone else who hasn’t received their prized, let me know.

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  • P161911

    Can you believe this camera only cost twice as much as the Dodge?

    • Van_Sarockin

      I don't know what the camera cost, but I'm certain it'll never be worth less than twice the Dodge.

  • "…As I was saying, if you want to see something worth looking at, point the camera away from the Chrysler and your blouse."

  • Devin

    "James, simmer down, Keanu Reeves surfing in slow motion is much more interesting than those blue people you keep pointing at."

  • Get Punk'd with the 1987 Dodge 600.

  • pavehawk

    Ok, now that you see where the camera is pointed, I need you to coyly walk up to those two and join in, as if you were just driving by in your Dodge, and realized how awful it was, and that you just needed to escape, and when you saw them, you realized that was the perfect release.
    No, of course you're not too old. There's people into that stuff.

  • skitter

    Dodge is a proud to announce that their stylish and desirable 600 model will be featured in The Association, the exciting new series about a couple who will stop at nothing to catch someone painting their house an inappropriate color.

    • Well done, Skitter. I'm happy to volunteer my place for one of the episodes…

      <img src=";

      • skitter

        We'd have to warn our more sensitive viewers about the graphic nature of the program.

        /In all seriousness, it looks very nice.

  • tonyola

    Buying the Dodge 600 was the smartest move Bob and Nancy ever made. Now no-one would ever pay attention to their taping of the financially-lucrative "Field Frolics" adult video series.

    • fodder650

      And here I was going to reply with "And thats where you point the camera to look down Ms Lovelace's throat. Now keep the camera focused on her even if you get distracted by other things"

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Dirk Diggler, your car has arrived.

  • Number_Six

    The little-known 1987 Remington Steele knockoff, "Röhm Tin" was doomed by poor casting and unfortunate product placement.

    • fodder650

      Same idea "The latest Hart to Hart project didn't have the same appeal as the earlier series. It seems people aren't as interested in the characters when they lost all their money in the mortgage industry"

    • P161911

      Took me a little while to get the very obscure Rohm reference.

      • Number_Six

        Excellent – I barely got it myself.

        • P161911

          I finally remembered my Dad's RG10 22 short revolver that I have. Hard to believe the post-war Germans made such crap.

  • Ron Burgundy's Mother continued to be inspired by his career choice, even if the quality of KVWNs corporate autos seemed to have reached a plateau, and his cameraman gets that little bit too close to her for comfort…

  • $kaycog

    "Martha, you stand over there in front of the Dodge 600, and I'll take your picture with my new Kodak 600. This Kodak is so fast that it can catch you with your mouth closed."

  • fodder650

    "That flag behind us is at half staff to signify the death of the American automobile. Over here you will be filming Lee Iococca and Mr T trying to shill the Eagle Premier. Remember you must not look away. You have to keep filming no matter what. This shouldn't be a problem with all the Valium you took before the shoot"

  • tiberiusẅisë

    Keep filming Midge, Ms. Kitaen will be here any minute now. Any minute now.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    "Our VHS video camera will let us re-live this sunset, forever.

    This Dodge, however. It will make rue the day we bought it."

  • Charles_Barrett

    Undeterred by being turned away at the gated drive to the first of the mansions on the 'Stately Homes' tour, Ted and Georgette decided they could videotape just as well from the side of the road. "Damn those snobby tour docents, anyway. Squint a little bit and it looks JUST like a Mercedes, right, Sweetie …?"

  • Take a picture. It will last longer.

  • M44Power

    And if you look through the viewfinder, you will see the neighborhood whose value we will destroy by parking this on the street.

  • Maymar

    Jim, I did e-mail you, although I use a Yahoo address – I may have been spam-foldered.

    • UDman

      I need you're address again. I have lost most of my e-mail, so it would help.

  • Timothy W.

    "Okay, Jean, here's the setup. The cow is going to be down that way. All you have to do is crank this thing up to about 50 and center-punch poor Bessie. We've got the hood rigged to pop right off. We get the whole thing on camera, and viola, we've got our new 600 commercial! Think you can handle it?"

  • Keithh

    "Mom, please dont screw this shot up. This is my big break, I might even be able to afford to move out when this blows up."

  • RogueInLA

    "You'll give me this camera for my Dodge???…. DEAL!"

  • Van_Sarockin

    I emailed you last week, Jim. I'll try again. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Rockford_Brodie

    <img src=";

    <img src=";


    Here honey, keep filming in the same direction. I'll move the Chrysler; I don't get how it can cause such reflections when it's so dark…

  • flr1975

    An alpha with a beta explains to a Delta Gamma why he chose the Chrysler over the BMW eta.

  • scroggzilla

    The Dodge 600, the official car of "Murder She Wrote".

  • Target29

    I always wondered why Ted wanted me to call him "the Judge"

  • dragon951

    The Dodge 600: giving you a reason for pelican based insurance fraud twenty years before Bugatti.

  • NothingHappens

    If you pan to the right, my dear, you'll see a Ford Crown Victoria. It is, of course, the proper full-sized American automobile this Dodge 600 is trying, and I should emphasize trying, to imitate. Zoom in, you won't see any turbo lag.

  • jondes99

    We could've frittered away a few more dollars on that fancy Cimarron, but then we wouldn't be able to afford this Beta recorder or all of your smart new plaid blouses. Now get in the car mom, it's getting dark and Ambervision glasses won't be available for years.



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