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Hooniversal Car of the Year Nominee: The Killer ZomBee!

Jo Schmo December 22, 2011 All Things Hoon, Hooniversal Car of the Year 28 Comments

Name another car in any race series that gets to (and usually from) the race under it’s own power and typically pulls a covered wagon it’s own and keeps spare engines strapped into the co-pilot seat.

According to the “Official Rules” put forth by the Founding Fathers of this fine establishment:  The primary rule of HCOTY is that the car has to, in some way, embody the true spirit of Redusernab: responsible hooning, a genuine passion for cars, a love for the antiquated, the oddball or the obscure, and a healthy absence of common sense.

Well, that pretty much covers it.

Despite a spectacular cartwheel, getting rear-ended and many other bumps, bruises and technical difficulties along the way, the Killer ZomBee refuses to quit!  After many miles both on, and off the track, the British Leyland-that-could finally took home the coveted earlier this year.

In my humble opinion, the car is not what this HCOTY nomination stands for.  The car is merely the vessel in which our very own Sparky and a fantastic group of car nuts lives out their dreams, one weekend at a time.  Here’s to on a great year and many more to come!

Sparky was gracious enough to provide links to photos from all over the webs, enjoy!

Awwwe! Doesn't he look handsome on his first day of school?

source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jkiel/3560487599/


It's just a flesh wound, get back out there!

Happy Trails!


Vote early and vote often!

*note: when I approached Sparky about nominating his car for HCOTY (and procuring some awesome photos from him) he was both flabbergasted and honored.  However, unbeknownst to me he already had this post in the works at the time and it had no bearing on my initial decision to nominate him.


  • SSurfer321

    I was going to make a smartass comment mention that the lead photo was upside down but see you covered it in the 2nd photo. 😛

    • Scandinavian Flick

      What? It doesn't look Austrailia…. Oooooooohhhh, I get it! Heh.

      • SSurfer321

        If it was Australia, the photo would be upside down and backwards.

        • sporty88au

          <img src="; width="600">

  • $kaycog

    After reading Sparky's incredible story yesterday, I'm now voting for Killer ZomBee……….talk about true spirit!!!!!

  • vwminispeedster

    I nominate Super Spouse for HWOTY: Hoon Wife of the Year. It's her motor currently powering the B. 😉

    • You scored a whole plate-full of Super-Brownie-Points.

  • Feds_II

    This. Has to be this. A million times this. The right car, the right story.

    I lurves me some 33 Stradale, but that is just not Redusernab, man. Now if there were some dude who drove his 33 Stradale on the Alaska highway, or dipped tires in the atlantic and pacific and covered every mile between, while raising money for the Terry Fox foundation, then that's nomination worthy, but just being an awesome car is not enough on its own.

    Now who's going to lend me a 33 Stradale so i can do some fund raising?

  • Ya, the Zombee will get my vote all day long.

    This car is British, pulls a one wheel wagon, TO the races, races and THIS CAR WAS UPSIDE DOWN and is still racing. I'd even bet this car has been blessed by the Murilee, wait, no. This car would be the one who would bless Murilee.

    • Deartháir

      "This car would be the one who would bless Murilee."

      Yes. Absolutely, unequivocally yes.

  • With all due respect to Jim and his Corvair, Pete gets my vote. Really nice guy, consistently good team, and a car that should be nowhere near a race track, yet he flogs it within an inch of its life every time, and then drives it home (or at least tries to).

    I'm not normally a British car guy, but this car gets a salute from me.

  • The Professor

    Yes, Indeed. Sorry Jeff, the Hotchkis Challenger is a very worthy HCOTY, but I'm going to have to vote for Team ZomBee and the thrashed to death several times and repeatedly re-animated ZomBee Racer. It's the spirit of what we're all about here, and what we'd all like to do. Ideally for myself would be with the Hotchkis Challenger's LeMons counterpart.

  • I'm more than a little biased towards this car, so in the interest of full disclosure:

    At the ORP LeMons race in June, the ZomBees let my niece and me each take a turn, even though they were doing amazingly well in the standings, even though we weren't on their team (our car was inoperable), and even though they knew that neither of us had ever driven anything on any racetrack before. They didn't have to do this. They must have known that, if anything, we were likely to screw things up for them, although this point was never raised. They let us drive anyway. After giving us well over an hour of their track time, they then went back to earning their IOE.

    There are some other strong nominations this year and I hope to see more, but it's difficult to see how my vote can go elsewhere.

    • I don't consider that biased at all

  • Alff

    Only for HCOTY could I be torn between an Alfa 33 Stradale and this. Sorry, Milan but the ZomBee epitomizes the spirit of the Redusernab. It should be our poster child, along with a blue 6-series, a couple of old Volvos, an inoperative 510 wagon, a warmed up LTD, an unfinished bathtub Porsche kit car, a wrinkly and rusty Corvair, an oddball French microcar, a built coke-bottle Camaro, an Aussie Pontiac, a GT40, a …

  • You know, it occurs to me that if the ZomBee were ever to be retired, it should go on a pedestal in the Top Gear studios, next to their invincible Hilux. The story is every bit as good.

    • or better evun!

    • The ZomBee will be immortalized one way or another. Even if that means Home-Depo runs for lumber till the end of time.

  • Devin

    It was upside down, it was a British Leyland product from the '70s, against these insurmountable odds it not only moves under its own power, but won IOE and closed the season with a class win. It's the inspirational true story of a little MGB that defied all conceivable logic to triumph.

    Let's make a film adaptation and win all the Oscars.

    • I wouldn't emphasize the bit about Triumph. There might still be some hard feelings lingering from the BL days.

  • name_too_long

    Since I don't know what's coming I can't say the ZomBee has my vote just yet. I can say it has a commanding lead right now and it's going to take quite some doing for an upset.

  • B72

    Truly a ZomBee, this thing has come back from the dead many times over. I love it!
    This thing should get "Redusernab Car of the Century" as far as I'm concerned.

    Anyone have a link to a story on the rollover?

    • Try this… …

      …and this… …

      • I ROFL'd at CptSevere's comment: "It really was a shame that the B flipped. It takes a lot to do that, I mean you can pretty much drag your knuckles on the ground sitting in one. Too bad the car is so far gone that not even ordering one of everything from the Moss Motors catalog would put it back on the track."

        damn, WTH is CptSevere? Haven't seem him 'round these parts lately.

      • B72

        Thanks. Cool video. Impressive that the thing was still square enough to save after that.

        • The first thing I did after they dropped it off the back of the tow truck was to set it on jackstands and measure the basic shell/tub, corner to corner, diagonally front-back etc… I found it was actually straighter than when we started – the hit tweaked the front just right to a closer tolerance than the MGBGT I am restoring. Thus while everyone was giving it a eulogy at the track I was already planning its rebirth… heh-heh.

          Jay the organizer came by and saw me hammering away at it. "Why in the world are you still working on that thing?" he asked.

          "Gotta get it on a trailer" I replied. Just you wait…

          <img src=";

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  • Jim-Bob

    It would take something truly epic to make me vote for another car. May the undead ZomBee live forever!

  • tinklover

    Team ZomBee all the way !!!!!!!