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Who Will Tow This E28 Home for Christmas?

BMW 524td E28. Shark! A Vagrant.

I scouted this rather abandoned-looking BMW E28 outside a warehouse some time ago, but this evening it was time to don the Canon and grab a few photos of it.

Like the XR3i a snowball’s throw away, the 524td had been unceremoniously dumped on a parking lot. It seems this town is especially tough for BMW:s, but at least the gold 520i was running when parked – this still had a bit of tow rope still hanging on it. Make the jump for more photos of this sharknose sleeping in the slush.

It’s likely the E28 has been towed there by a vocational school student, as the neighbourhood is a district with numerous school buildings, auto shops and the like. It’s also very likely the 115-hp M21D24 turbodiesel has been flogged within an inch of its life; those engines aren’t as bulletproof as comparable Mercedes diesels and do not withstand municipal motorsports without issue.

As the lighting provided by the streetlamps wasn’t quite enough, I used my Sapporo’s headlights for the purpose. Thus, in the photos the BMW has a kind of deer-in-the-headlights stance; it’s like it’s been caught out in the open, being blinded with Maglites.

The nose-down stance is exaggerated by the flat front tire. Needless to say, the tires under the BMW aren’t winter-proof.

In these photos the BMW appears dolphin gray, but I’m thinking it actually has a greener hue when viewed in the daylight.

Old pointy BMW:s are often dubbed sharknoses, but aren’t they just a bit more shark-like with battle scars in their snout – like on a Great White? With the dents and dings this E28 looks positively carcharian, and the jaw is sharpened by the bent metal.

The bit of blue rope looks like a shred of an innocent plastic animal that has met its fate in the jaws of the prowling, oil-burning Bavarian, and the rusty metal bared by splintering paint is like flesh in an open wound.

Honestly, what’s wrong with mounting the plate on the bumper? It’s not like there isn’t a bracket ready for it.

The BMW sits outside this warehouse. Zone Industrielle, NFS Porsche fans?

With the engine’s fate unknown and rust slowly ravaging the bodyshell, it doesn’t exactly look like a viable restoration project. However, if you already had a good E28 in your stable and a cheap parts car wouldn’t hurt, would you tow this beaten Bimmer home and dismantle it over the holidays? I could think of worse things to do with my spare time.



  • Van_Sarockin

    Doesn't seem all that hopeless. I'm more worried that it looks like someone kicked the gas filler cap. And all those front end divots would be the result of normal parking around here.

  • "municipal motorsports": nice one.
    Using your head lights was a great move, you get to mention the Sapporo, so everybody wins!

  • Man that looks mean on steels. Bring a battery and a set of glow plugs and likely as not it'll fire straight up. Instant rat-look.

  • sport_wagon

    If I can has for free, a 2JZ swap may be in order, like Rusty Slammington.

    Or maybe a Vortec 4200. Donno what it is about that engine, but I want to drop it into all kinds of stuff. Torque. That's it. Torque.

  • taborj

    I love the Zone Industrielle track on NFS Porsche. Always fun to take a seriously tweaked 911 Turbo on it. Specifically, a '78 Turbo with all the mods, as it'll put the tail out anytime you want.

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    "…The BMW sits outside this warehouse…"

    <img src="; width=600>

  • FЯeeMan

    My son just broke out Porsche Unleashed again yesterday. Couldn't get it running, so I'll have to do some tweaking…

    As for the car, that would be an incredible project car for him to work on until his sister is ready to drive on her own, then he could hand down his current Legacy Outback to her and have himself something he's invested in. Can we arrange for towing across a pond?

  • lilpoindexter

    I am picking up my brand new 1988 528e on Friday….What would it take for you to box up the front and rear bumpers and send them to me? I really want to replace the diving boards on my "new" car.

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