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Porsche’s Hired Hoon, Pat Long, Chucks A Vintage 911ST Around Chuckwalla

Bradley Brownell December 20, 2011 Nostalgia, Vintage Racing 10 Comments

American racer Patrick Long has been a Porsche factory competition driver since 2003, when he was only 22 years old.  Mr. Long has a CV as long as his arm with victories at the 24 hours of Le Mans, the 24 hours of Daytona, the 12 hours of Sebring, and Petit Le Mans to his name, as well as Three ALMS titles and this year’s SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge GT title.  After the season was over, Long expressed interest in competing in something a bit older.  A VARA competitor jumped at the chance to compare himself to a factory driver in the same car, and offered the wheel of his steed.

The video below shows just the kind of talent that Mr. Long possesses.  The car is significantly more archaic than he is used to, yet he is immediately up to speed in a car he has very little practice in at a track he has never raced before.  Chuckwalla is an extremely tricky course with challenging sweepers and decent elevation changes.  Keeping in mind that Pat was erring on the side of caution in favor of keeping all of the loaned car’s sheetmetal un-bent, he still kept his foot remarkably planted on the loud pedal.  He likely would have been slightly more aggressive in his Flying Lizard Motorsport GT3 RSR, but this was a talented drive nonetheless.

Here is what the owner of the car had to say about the video.  “Here is yet another very cool/lucky experience for me. Patrick Long called me asking if I was going to our (VARA/HSR) season ending race. His good friends race with me, and he was thinking about coming out to visit again. He raced this car about 4 years ago in a 2 hour enduro with me (that video is uploaded here also). He wanted more seat time in this vintage 911 after seeing it at Rennsport IV.

Car: 2.5L short stroke motor. 207 rear wheel HP. Stock brakes with racing pads, No wing or any aerodynamics. All torsion bars, no coil overs. The car is basically raced as it was in the very early 70’s. This is vintage racing, not “Parade laps” racing.

In the video, Patrick goes all out for the first 3 and 1/2 laps, then decides to start dicing it up/having fun with our mutual friend. The Datsun Z driver-Wayne is no slouch, he is great competition for me.
The whole weekend Patrick was giving us great tips. I learned alot, and so did everyone else in our Pit.

A big thanks to Patrick for all the great advice.”

Turn it up, and Enjoy!

  • B72

    Cool car, cool story, strange taillights. What are original taillights worth on something like this? Were they sold to fund the rest of the project?

    • BradleyBrownell

      Those are 911R replica lamp assemblies. I assure you it was done intentionally…

      • B72

        Looks like JC Whitney lights with a French job, but then again I'm not a Porshephile

        • BradleyBrownell

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  • That, Stuttgart, is how we want our Porsches.

    • pj134

      If only they could put out a ~30k sub 2500 lbs boxer four happy fun time car…

      • sporty88au

        Nice idea, unfortunately it will never happen. It would suffer from the same problem as every 4-cylinder Porsche since the 912 and 914/4, ie. "not-a-911-itis". Also, internal politics at Porsche would probably cause its performance to be hobbled to the point of it being seen as a Hairdresser's Car, even more so than the Boxster.

        Besides, you can pick up a tidy early Boxster or impact-bumper 911, and probably have enough change left over for some mild performance and/or visual tweaks in that price range.

        • BradleyBrownell

          Supposedly they are working on a "sub-boxster" small roadster powered by the Audi TTS' 268 horsepower 2.0T! Sounds like a winner to me.

  • FЯeeMan

    I love how that was crossed up in almost every corner. A nice indicator of where the phrase "upside down, backwards and on fire" came from, I do believe.

  • Bro

    AutoAtlanta sell these

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