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Two-Wheel Tuesday: You don’t have the body to pull off that outfit, girl.

Peter Tanshanomi December 13, 2011 Two-Wheel Tuesday 3 Comments

Spanish motorcycles are a lot of things, but urbane fashionistas they’re not. And even though many are attractive in their own way, they’re not the supermodels of the motorcycle world. You could dress up in just about anything and she’d be stunning, but that can’t be said for Ossa motorcycles, which were the snotty little sister of Spanish marques.

The awkward full bodywork of the 1982 Ossa Urbe is pretty freaky in and of itself, but consider that under that oddly angular candy coating there’s a kick-start only, air-cooled, two-stroke single — basically a dirt bike motor. And notice the forward-thinking cast composite wheels, then realize that they house tiny drum brakes. It was, despite the sad attempt at “style,” all fairly obsolete even by early ’80s standards, and the end result is lot more Ugly Betty than avante garde. Unremarkably, Ossa was belly-up within a year.

In all fairness, I should add that one of my vehicular heroes, Francisco Xavier “Paco” Bulto dressed one of his similar creations in somewhat similar sheetmetal couture. But there are four important differences that make me love Paco’s creation:

  1. It was built for function. Paco built the Gaviota 200 for his daughter to ride back and forth to university classes while wearing skirts.
  2. It wasn’t intended for mass production. Only the one was built.
  3. It was built in 1970, not 1982, making it much more cutting edge.
  4. The Gaviota’s outfit is actually much more attractive.

  • IronBallsMcG

    Thanks. Now I have to go look at PC800's on eBay.

  • fodder650

    The transition from universal Japanese Motorcycle, or anything that looks like a CB750, led to some very angular designs like this Honda. It feels like it was both a way of not looking a bike from 1969 or to look like the favored wedge design of cars of the period. Square wasn't square.

    Of course that bike has that weird engine which doesn't help

    <img src="; width=600 />

  • Van_Sarockin

    I could see them featuring in an Almodovar movie – sexy, riveting, unsettling, but not exactly beautiful.



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