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Redusernab Wagon Wednesday – The SsangYong Rodius Ruins Everything

Ssangyong Rodius SV270 Diesel. Must've looked good on paper.

This ungainly-looking loadlugger is a SsangYong Rodius. It’s powered by a Mercedes-Benz five-cylinder diesel engine, and it looks like the Batman family needed a minivan.

SsangYong is a South-Korean marque, earlier known for the relatively inoffensive Musso and slightly weirder-looking Wrangler-ish three-door, the Korando. SsangYong has been utilizing M-B engines for a while now, but while their powertrain stays somewhat conventional, the design department needs their meds checked.

SsangYongs aren’t imported to the States, nor to Finland, but some European countries get them; Australia and some Asian countries are larger markets for SsangYong. They must be attractively priced. This one is probably the only existing Rodius in Finland, and I’m hoping it won’t get any company.

The Rodius (inexplicably a portmanteau of road and Zeus) is a big beast with small diddly wheels. It doesn’t help that the roofline forks in such a way that going over the photos, I thought for a second that there was another car behind it. Apparently the general idea with the design was to emulate a luxury yacht, but I can’t help thinking the British designer was thinking of a certain Monty Python sketch.

Of course, it’s not fair to point a finger at something so clearly unfortunate; the SsangYong does have a good amount of useable space inside, and if this example were cleaner and its headlights not fogged over, it would be… Nah, it’s no use. I’m just going to wash my eyes with bleach, thank you.


  • FЯeeMan

    Well, the Python sketch almost saved this article…

    Pass the bleach

  • It'a not ugly, it's futeristic.

    Futeristic from 1987 perspective. Of a five year old. From a country that has only tractors.

    • TurboBrick

      It looks like someone dropped a dustbuster minivan on top of a first-gen Renault Megane 4dr hatch.

  • Scandinavian Flick

    <img src=";

  • Devin

    I can imagine no better prisoner transporting vehicle, though the window tint would have to be removed. If all prisoners were driven through the busiest part of town in a Rodius, I predict crime rates would drop dramatically.

  • What the fug?

  • pj134

    I want it.

  • Ssangyong needs to take a lesson over at Hyundai. or even the Chinese (atleast they have the decency to ripoff designs of good looking cars for the most part)

    Its almost like they wanted to make an Aztek and then later put on a traditional box trunk/cargo area
    seriously drop some 22s on this and some bling and it will still not be any good.
    This has left he taste of (even more) rotten kimchee in my mouf
    I find this vehicle Erodious

  • TurboBrick

    What, I thought you guys would love a diesel station wagon. I bet that's a 5 speed too!

  • dukeisduke

    It looks like someone went out camping in their Pontiac Aztek, and when returning, forgot to take the tent down.

    <img src="IMAGE URL" width="600">
    <img src=";

    • Van_Sarockin

      At least it came with a bag to hide some of its shame. Frankly, I thought the Aztek looked fine in darker colors and butched up a little to look semi militaristic.

  • dukeisduke

    Oh well, at least it's not a Skoda Roomster.

    <img src="IMAGE URL" width="600">
    <img src=";

    • julkinen

      Hey, the Roomster is cool. And whenever the Pope needs to downshift a bit, they are freely available for papal transport.

    • pj134

      I want this one, too.

    • FЯeeMan

      I don't find this one ugly like the SSongYang. Funky and odd, but not eye-bleachingly ugly.

  • It looks like an R-Class that was drawn by a Rhesus monkey. A Rhesus monkey on crystal meth.

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    I'm thinking that the starting point was a scaled-up five-door Kadett E, at which point they hung the ugly grille and realised something was missing.

    Yes, this is the only car on the road with a shed dormer and window integrated into its design. If only the glass slid into the tailgate.

  • navelboxaren

    [ guGFz8mgDY4 ]

    We almost got one as a rental car on a trip to Scotland in 2007, thankfully we got a Vito instead.

  • slr5000

    Many, many people have bought Ssangyong's in Australia, attracted by the aggressive pricing for what appears to be a lot of car. Too bad you are paying attractive pricing for what is essentially an ugly, 20 year old mercedes benz. Have a look on an australian second hand car sales site, and you will find innumerable low kilometer Ssangyongs. Not a good sign.

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