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Redusernab Thanksgiving – Two Turkeys Wreck Their Vettes

Antti Kautonen November 25, 2011 Redusernab Fastback Friday 42 Comments

3..2..1.. What?

Two Vette owners patiently wait for the lights to change, then floor it. See what happens after the jump. It’s not pretty, but it’s expensive.

I guess this is what happens when you have turkey filling for brains.


  • Feds_II

    "You see this button on the dash? That's the one that stops you from crashing. I'm going to ask Chevy to take that button out of my next Corvette."

    • JayP2112

      A ZO6 owner on a HPDE email list I was on proclaimed anyone driving anytime with TC was a p-ssy.
      A few weeks later he spun the Vette out in the rain and crunched it badly.

      Yes- I did ask him.

      • JoeyM


    • DCAutoGeek

      Exactly! Don't start yet, I'm turning off my "save me I can't drive and I'm an idiot" button. I wonder why GM made is so darn hard to turn off traction control.

  • fodder650

    Lets. (chomp chomp) take a (chomp chomp) look at (chomp chomp) this

    Look the only way you can make this better is to go to the driver and spit the gum out on his head

  • Two vettes, one crash.

    • fodder650

      You have issues Kamil

      • Who doesn't? I'm just open with mine, it's healthier that way.

    • Two 'vettes enter, one 'vette leaves.

  • worst part of the video? It was apparently shot by a horse sponsored by double mint… smack smack smack smack

  • MrHowser

    Where's Jim with the Citizen Kane applause gif?

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      • <img src="; width="500">

  • JayP2112

    What are the odds this was 2 minutes after a Cars and Coffee event?

    • TX_Stig

      Quite possibly, do they have any Cars and Coffee deals up in the Woodlands? That's kind of where it looks like this was taken, judging by the signs and all the trees.

      • JayP2112

        The description says this was yesterday…
        But it wouldn't surprise me at all has this been a CC event. GM guys seem to toss themselves into ditches leaving CC.

      • dukeisduke

        Wow, I was going to say it's Houston, or The Woodlands. With those tall trees, it's definitely not around here (Dallas). The only other place would be in East Texas, like Longview.

  • "..see how stupid these guys are?…."
    Very stupid, you see they must go and see an ophthalmologist to not do a drag race in a curve.

  • Joe Dunlap

    What is it with Corvette owners? Is there a common genetic disorder? I know they're not all like this because I know a few that arent, but the prevalence of this kind of behavior/ stupidity/ doucheness greatly exceeds mathematical probability.

    • jeepjeff

      When I'm driving my Jeep 4.0, there's a little devil-me on my left shoulder hollering 'TOOOOORRRRQUE!' into my ear, and the angel-me on my right shoulder is jumping up and down hollering 'WHEEEE!'.

      I assume driving a Corvette causes a similar disorder with the devil-me and angel-me of the driver. Also, I can imagine them getting into this argument:

      devil: "We're totally faster than that guy."
      angel: "Of course we are, but we don't need to prove it."
      devil: "Yeah, we need to prove it. You got anything between your legs or not?"

      At that point, it is up to the will power of the driver. Obviously, many succumb.

      • reason #324 im glad i bought a pissy powered mx5. all the fun, none of the disastrous ramifications.

  • Devin

    And so we observe the mating ritual of the Douchitus Corvetteownerus. While they try to woo nearby females, the movements that are required in the ritual can sometimes be overwhelming to the less experienced male. The show of dominance frequently ends either in the bushes or in a nearby body shop.

    • tonyola

      And what do you think would happen if two BMW M3 owners found themselves in a similar situation?

      • Number_Six

        Something like this? "Yep, there's your problem right there…"
        <img src="; width="500" />

        • Devin

          The various species in the genus 'Douchitus' tend to have similar mating rituals, with similarly disastrous results

      • RichardKopf

        Their bluetooths would disconnect.

  • Mad_Hungarian

    I'm just glad the little kid on a bike and his dad running behind were well out of the way before this happened.

  • navelboxaren

    What's up with the wheel offset on the C5? All it needs now is some way too narrow tires, at least 50mm lowering and some rust/mold on the hood. Oh and a roof rack. Definitely needs a roof rack. With some old skis on top.

  • domino_vitali

    it's a good thing they decided to drag race on a track, and not on public roads with other drivers, pedestrians, bicycles, and curves.

    • dont forget about those poor bushes!

  • I didn't know that Corvettes had any off-road capability whatsoever.

    • vwminispeedster

      they still don't

  • The Vette gets em… er, uh, quite wrecked.

  • Syrax

    "Thats a pretty sharp corner for an american!"

    Sometimes I forget YT commenters are people too, not some raging fighting bots.

  • PrawoJazdy

    Sadly there isn't a circus ambulance in real life. Cause it would have been hilarious to watch it haul these two clowns away.

    edit: Why can't I down vote my own comment?

  • I just got back from a week in Vegas, courtesy of my folks (yeah, they rock). Anyway, last night, while we were standing on a corner waiting to cross the street, a Vette comes screaming out of a parking garage at Planet Hollywood, goes left and nails it, echoing that nice Vette scream between the buildings. Mom sniffs, "They're such ugly cars, low in the front, big in the back," as the yellow Vette screams away. I said "If I win the lottery, I'm buying one just to spite you." She says, "That's ok. When I win the lottery, I was thinking about buying you a Porsche, but not now."

    The snobby sports car gene must have skipped my generation. She grew up driving a TR3, Grandpa had a 356 and a Jag Saloon, Grammy had a Saab two stroke. Me, my first car was a beater Cadillac, and I'm into old trucks. Oh my, the family has gone downhill.

  • tnooch

    In reale life, I've definitely seen more Corvettes in the bushes than any other type of car.

  • DCAutoGeek

    You gotta shift out of that!

  • Much better example of Peeling out:

    [ IM13OtP3XGA ]

    • And all these years I thought red was a faster color!

      • True, but it doesn't necessarily translate into being a faster colour.

        • I may have to do a fact cheque on that one.

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