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A Redusernab Thanksgiving Turkey: Tornado Fuel Saver

I loved watching the infomercials for . Due to the way in which the infomercials were produced, my thought process went something like this “wow, I think I am going to try this… money back guarantee? And that guy from Shade Tree Mechanic (remember TNN?) says it works, and I’ve been watching his show for years, he knows!… it cannot possibly work but damn it, they’re mighty convincing… this is the most retarded thing ever… damn you two-bottle tornado experiment!”

Let see:

  • Aluminum contraption inserted AFTER the air filter, what possibly could go wrong?
  • Wow, the infomercial says it is THAT easy to install, surely it will fit any car.
  • Improves airflow…by being located IN the air duct, let’s think about that.
  • Wow, that thing with the two soda bottles. I mean liquids and gas have the same properties, right? Right.
  • But… my air duct is a straight pipe and the two water bottles are not.
  • Free shipping!?
  • Increased fuel mileage. Hmmm.
  • says that their “race car” broke into the 17s with it, but when they took it out it was in the 18s again. I just want to know WTF they were racing.
  • Damn, there is Sam Memmolo again, and he knows!
  • MORE POWER?!?!?!?!

  • Paul_y

    I think I should go test this out. Brb, gonna put some wadded up aluminum flashing into the xB's throttle body.

  • You fool! Shoulda tried zMax.

  • Feds_II


    It's not just a good idea, it's the law

    [img] Moderately_attractive_girl_with_giant_cans_wearing_the_shirt.jpg [/img]

    • Lotte

      Use (the less then sign) img src="put url here"(the more then sign) Don't worry about resizing the image. Try it! Try it…

  • Devin

    Somewhere on my desk there is a tiny, unopened bottle of something called "super eco fuel saver." I don't know how it's supposed to work or what it actually does. I do, however, know that it is green. They also gave me three shirts.

    • Feds_II

      Which is why everyone needs a clapped out hooptie. To answer scientific questions like this…

      "Can a car run on old brake fluid? Let's pour a bottle in the clapped out hooptie"

      "Will this random $10 bottle of chemical destroy $5,000 worth of engine? Let's pour it in the clapped out hooptie!"

      "How fast do I need to hit a tree stump before it comes out of the ground, saving me the trouble of digging it out? Fire up the clapped out hooptie!!!"

      • Devin

        Dammit, you made me go look for a clapped out hoopty. Best candidate I could find was a $100 Elantra, probably would have bought it if it was local rather than several hours away.

  • B72

    Maybe team Sherriff was running lean before they added this impediment to airflow to the intake tract. See, it works!


    It's all about the placebo effect! If you believe it works, it will work…..

    • much like cold air intakes. my favorite explanation was found on the mx5 forums. it went something like this:
      "cold air intake = cool sounds
      cool sounds = me grinning
      me grinning = more gas to make cooler sounds
      more gas = car goes faster
      so there you have it cold air intakes do make your car go faster"

      • Smells_Homeless

        Works with exhausts just as well.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    It's on an INFOmercial! That has information in it, so, by law, it MUST be true!

    Slick 50 worked great for me!!! In fact, the empty bottle is right next to the Ron Popiel shrine, where I store my Pocket Fisherman!!!!!111!!!

    • Devin

      The best infomercial ever was for the Velform sauna belt, because it began with the assertion that there are no fat Hawaiians because they sweat so much, and then proceeded to mock people who exercise.

      • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

        Irony…they didn't get it.

  • ptschett

    If these things (or Slick 50, or magnets on the fuel lines, or what have you) worked…

    …they'd be standard equipment on the car.

    • Oh sure….like they didn't kill the guy who invented the 100MPG carburetor…

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      <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  • tonyola

    When you're sick, you take medicine, right? Why shouldn't it be the same for your car? Developed by the space programs (notice they didn't say which country).
    <img src="; width="450/">

  • I remember having to explain to a young and impressionable youth that these things were bunk.

    He just couldn't believe it…how could they get away with those ads if they didn't work? Look man…swirls don't equal horsepower.

  • JayP2112

    I just saw this so sorry…
    My wife sold new homes in the area and would come across some doozies. Relative to this post was a guy who told my wife that he developed a technology that would increase ANY car's fuel mileage 10% to 25%. She was driving that S-Type and it had some faint warranty and I didn't want to chance losing it.

    So I called this guy and asked what the process was and would it void a warranty if it failed. I flat told him we would try it but only on my pickup. I drive mostly highway and kept fuel mileage records going back 2 years. If there was any variable, it would be his device. I screwed the pooch when I said if this was so inexpensive and gave terrific results, why doesn't the manufacturers install them?

    He said he'd get back to me and see about getting a unit to install (although he had one for my wife's Jag.)