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Redusernab Asks: What Wagon Did You Actually Own?

Kamil Kaluski November 16, 2011 Redusernab Asks 141 Comments

We’re having some technical difficulties here at Redusernab today, so please excuse the lack of our typical “Redusernab asks” morning. Mr. Emslie will be back tonight.

Having said that, it is Wagon Wednesday. With all the love and attention given to wagons around here, I would like to know what wagon do YOU actually own? Or have owned. Wagon owners stand up, show yourselves, be proud – what year? What make? What model? And lastly, if you sold it, why did you sell it ?

Above is a picture my ’02 BMW 525iT. It was equipped with the uber-rare, and much desired, sport package and a proper 5-speed manual transmission. I bought in 2007 with 120,000 miles on the odometer. Right away it developed issues; some small (cup holder), some large (punctured stainless-steel brake line which lead to a complete brake failure). I blamed most of its issues on its previous owner, or rather his dumbass son who inherited the car for a year before selling it to me.

I sold it because my wife, who was the primary driver, simply did not like it. I wanted to love it, but couldn’t. Ironically, it has been completely trouble-free for its current owner, which leads me to believe that I fixed everything before I sold it. D’oh!

  • Awoodsy

    Mazda Protege 5 (2001)- Great little sport wagon. Handled like it was on rails, little under powered though. Would have the car today if not for an incompetent mechanic. put the wrong weight oil in it and it ended up throwing a rod through the block.

    • Feds_II

      All the more reason for a KL-ZE swap.

      • No thanks! I've done my time. The 1.9 CVH was coarse, gutless and piped through the sort of sloppy, lousy automatic that gives automatics a bad name. But swapping something nicer in its place of the would be pointless. The resulting car would be no more utilitarian and no less of a soul-crushing experience to drive.

        After 11 long years of ownership, I was never more glad to get rid of a vehicle. I was so sick of driving it. I called it the "penalty box." I bought it in excellent condition with low miles for a great price, and general it was a very practical, economical, well-built car, but the driving dynamics and interior environment were both wretched.

  • tiberiusẅisë

    I have owned (company cars actually) a couple of Taurus Xs. Both were well equipped Eddie Bauer models with FWD. Hardy sporting machines but great utility and decent mileage. Awesome road trip vehicles with quad captains chairs and the third row. Invisible to the Highway Patrol and respectable during the anti-SUV backlash. Hardly the cars I'll reminisce about on my deathbed but totally underrated.

  • Feds_II

    2003 Mazda Protege5. 5 speed and a sun roof. Bought brand new, and still daily driving it, 230,000 trouble free kms later.

    • sport_wagon

      Me too! Only without the sunroof.

      <img src=";

      That's mine posing down by the docks.

      • Feds_II

        Ooooh, roof racks.

        we basically bought opposite cars: Mine's black.

  • P161911

    The closest I have come to wagon ownership is our current 2004 2WD Trailblazer. Other than a slightly increased ride height, I believe that the Trailblazer compares favorably with the traditional American station wagon. Even with the increased ride height I'm pretty sure it handles better than any Country Squire or Vista Cruiser. The 4.2L DOHC straight six offers decent power. The Trailblazer is the wife's primary car and the default family car. I was surprised to find the Trailblazer could haul just as much if not more stuff as my two previous full size SUVs (a Bronco and K-5 Blazer).

    The only true wagon I can ever remember my family owning is my mothers current 1st gen Cadillac SRX. The 1st gen SRX was a CTS wagon posing as a SUV. I think I missed out on wagons,mainly due to being an only child.

  • <img src="; width=550>

    1963 Falcon Wagon. Similar to the one pictured above, only 4 doors, and delicious blue vinyl interior. Inline 6, auto. It was awesome. My dad and I pulled a few stumps with it, way back when.

    • Excuse me while I….

    • Sa-weet! I had nearly the same thing except in black, and with 4 headlights (Comet) and a 3 on the tree. And just one front fender. Great car…

      • The Falcon was radical. The best part was well preserved back seat. Folded down, and never folded up, it looked brand spanking new.

  • Not nearly as cool as the Falcon, but ultimately more convenient, comfortable, and road-trippable: '05 Forester LL Bean.

    <img src="; width=550>

  • azinck

    2005 Mazda6 with 5-speed manual transmission. I looked for a good example far and wide before picking it up a few months ago with 78k miles on the clock. So far I love the utility and the looks. On the down side I'm finding the FWD more annoying than I thought I would and I have trouble getting comfortable in the driver's seat on long trips which may lead me to part with it sooner than I'd otherwise like.

    • I thought the wagons weren't available with a stick?

      • azinck

        They were up through 2006. I think they stopped offering the MT on the 2007.

        • V6, I assume? My ex-wife had a Mazda6 V6 5-speed sedan, and I liked it a lot, but it was fairly thirsty and I hated the throttle response.

          Like I said below, if I were in the market, I'd probably look for a 6 hatch with the 4 cylinder. Yeah, not powerful, but better on the wallet and I already have a "fun" car.

  • mistic192

    they're all company cars, but I've had these:

    – Golf mkIV Break TDi ( 115 bhp ) Sport Package ( 1.9 L )
    – Renault Mégan Break ( 75 bhp ) => worst company car I ever had ( I've had about 10 by now ), Renault just sucks ass! ( 1.5L)
    – Golf mkV Break TDI ( 90 bhp ) ( 1.9 L)
    – Opel Astra Ecoflex Break ( 90 bhp ) ( 1.7L )
    – Opel Astra Sport Break ( 105 bhp ) ( 1.9L )

    and next week I get my:
    – Opel Astra Sportstourer in Gold Sport Pack ( 115 bhp ) ( 1.9L )

    The Golfs are by far my favourites, but I choose and Astra again now since I could get it in 115bhp while the Golf Option was a 90 bhp one…

    If there's ANY choice, I'll go for a wagon every single time, great handling, huuuuuuuuge amounts of space ( for a car ), thus generally great fun to go on road-trips with 🙂

    • Feds_II

      Why did they keep breaking?

      • mistic192


        but anyway, Break is the Euro-word for Wagon, either Break or StationWagon…

        'official' names vary per brand, a "Golf Break" is actually a "Golf Variant", BMW's add "Touring", Opel now calls them "Sportstourers" etc but only car-people will know what you mean when you say it like that, the general term is 'Break' 🙂

        • azinck

          Mis-spelling making things confusing. It's "brake" in this case.

          • mistic192

            no it's actually "break" you'll see on rental forms, purchaseorders etc

            • azinck

              Well, I learned something new. I thought you meant "brake", as in "shooting brake", but apparently "break" is also sometimes used.

              From Wikipedia:

              "Early U.S. models often had exposed wooden bodies (and were thus known as woodies).[5] Station Wagons had historically been called shooting-brakes, a British term. A few models are referred to as a break, using the French term (which is sometimes given in full as break de chasse — literally "hunting break")."

              • julkinen

                The Opel Astra wagon was called the Astra Caravan earlier. Vectra was a Vectra Voyage for some reason.

      • OA5599

        If you aren't breaking anything, you haven't been hooning hard enough.

        • mistic192

          broke a rim on the Golf IV break while driving the Nordschleife, does that qualify? 🙂

          slid out at Adenauer Forst, hit the curb and landed on the grass, didn't look too bad so drove the rest of the lap, but had to get the rim replaced according to the tire-shop…


    2002 VW Passat TDI station wagon with 100 hp and 5 speed manual transmission. Bought it half a year ago with 313,000 km/195,000 mls and have added many kms to it over the past 6 months. Great compromise for fuel economy (17 km/l or 41 mpg average) and fun to drive (because torque), and the wife loves driving it too.

    First wagon I owned myself, and it won't be the last!

  • '79 Ford Fairmont, 302cid. calf crap yellow and it went like crazy. It was my first car in High School. Had a lot of fun and lots of war stories with that Wagon. No F-body or Mustang around that could touch it.

    • RahRahRecords

      My frst car was an 80 fairmont wagon. Mine was turd brown with a 200 cid six, but we had lots of adventures.

  • The closest I to a wagon I have owned was a Mazda Protege5. Fun little car, although not particularly powerful or good on gas. My current daily driver is a Focus SVT 3-door, and I've owned two Omni GLHs, so I really dig the utility of hatch/wagons and would find it hard to go back to a sedan.

    I'd love a full fledged wagon, but there's not many available that are fun-to-drive, reasonably good on gas, and have three pedals. The Mazda3 is the closest, but if I were to realistically buy another used car in the near future, I'd probably be looking for a somewhat rare Mazda6 hatch.

    If I won the lottery? I'd be scouring the internet for a CTS-V wagon the moment the money hit my bank account.

  • 1994 Escort LX.

    <img src=";

    I sold it because the head gasket went.

    • I still think that diamond plating is badass.

      • Yes! Best looking Escort interior I've ever seen.

      • It's very flattering that you think I once did something (anything) worth calling "badass."

        • pj134

          Says the Bultaco enthusiast.

  • TurboBrick

    I had an '04 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart (how's that for a mouthful when trying to get a pair of wiper blades at NAPA). It wasn't a horrible car, and it looked good on paper but it just wasn't what I really wanted. I sold it earlier this year and replaced it with an older '93 Volvo 940 wagon. I didn't want to stick around and see what happens when Mitsubishi decides that financing deadbeats is not a sound business model and pulls out.

  • pj134

    My only picture that I have readily available of it. The title said "WAGON" so, a wagon it was.

    <img src=";

    • jeepjeff

      It appears to be a FWD wagon in that picture.

      • pj134

        Actually, during that picture it had no powered wheels. Shortly after, I used a lever to turn it into a FWD.

        • Alff

          I have a friend who drove his HiLux that way for at least a year. Part of me secretly looks forward to the day a rear u-joint in my 4×4 fails.

          • pj134

            Mine was going trough my entire ownership. When it finally went it mushroomed out my transfer case and the government said they'd give me 4500 if it drove. I committed a hoonitarian sin, as it was rust free.

            • Alff

              4500 for that is hard to turn down. I got significantly less for my operational 1999.

              • pj134

                Yeah, I bought it for 1500, spent maybe 300 on it and 400 for tires. Sold the tires for 375, c4c'd the jeep, bought a sonata for 12 after incentives and c4c and have good credit at 21. Still, I miss the damn xj.

  • Syrax

    I learned how to drive in a B5 1.8T quattro. Great car.

    • You'll hear no argument from me on that topic.

      • Syrax

        I know, I know. That was a great read BTW.

        Edit: Perhaps I should say great writing! I based on the portuguese expression, don't know if it translates that way.

  • FЯeeMan

    Dad had an '81 Subaru 1800 GL wagon 5MT (so this only partially counts), that I learned to drive on. Nice little car, but power was a bit on the 2CV side – getting passed going by semis going uphill give you an idea?

    '91 Subaru Legacy wagon, AT. Gifted by mom. Nice car for a road trip – cruised comfortably through MT at 90mph, good storage space. Owned it for a few months before trading it in on the tall wagon known as '99 Grand Caravan. Our third kid was on the way, we had no vehicles of any significant value to offer in trade, and mom had an extra car. I don't think 3 car seats would have fit in the wagon, and I haven't really been disappointed with the recently retired Caravan (~295k miles).

    Wow, almost forgot!
    Just picked up a '99 Legacy Outback wagon 5MT (208k on the clock) for the oldest offspring who is now driving. It's in overall good shape, but will need some maintenance. Good for some father/son bonding time, and it'll help make up for the underhood time I didn't really get with my dad.

    So, 3 Subaru wagons, and 3 Dodge Grand Caravan super-size wagons. See any trends here?

    • Jo_Schmo

      I had an 84 4×4 wagon and I can relate to getting passed by semis going up hill. Other than that it was a great little wagon.

  • Mike G

    I owned a 2002 WRX wagon. I miss that car everyday.

  • Alcology

    2 amc eagle projects currently in my driveway. One used to drive until fairly recently too.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    <img src="; width="500"> Meet Astrid, that's her on the left dressed-up for Halloween. Best car I've ever had, had her for a year now. My wife found her for me. Thanks to some encouragement from a few key people on this site I decided that even clumsy stupid me could pull off a '67 Volvo Amazon as a daily driver. I've learned it takes 25 minutes to walk home from work, but that day my bike let me down 😉 Oh and it too has a 5-speed, but it's sitting on some cardboard on the floor of the garage and came from a P1800. Funny the cup holders have let me down too, my kids just are not all that great keeping the cup steady in the turns.

    • Scandinavian Flick

      I've always loved your wagon, for obvious reasons 😉 Of course, major bonus points for not only wife approval, but assistance in acquisition!

    • you are doing it right.

  • tonyola

    I've never personally owned a wagon but I spent my youth driving the family's 1969 Fairlane 500 wagon – yellow with tan interior, 351, automatic, and A/C. Made lots of beach runs in it. My dad and I even put in outdoor carpeting behind the rear seat to give our Airedale traction when he rode in the back – the poor dog was sliding around in corners on the stock painted-metal floor. Dad also had a 1973 four-speed Toyota Corona wagon that I drove quite a bit. Unusually for a Toyota, the car wasn't all that good – there were cam drive problems and the car rusted terribly, particularly in the tailgate.
    <img src=";

    • Charles_Barrett

      My family had a 1970 Ford Custom 500 wagon, vanilla yellow paint, tan vinyl seats, 351W, A/C. It became 'my' car upon attaining my driver's license at age 16, and served me thru my freshman year at college. We gave it to a family friend after it blew its second head gasket.

      I was very popular once at college as a people-hauler for pizza or ice cream parlor outings, and as airport shuttle. We could easily get 10 people to the Farrel's Ice Cream Parlor in that wagon…

      • tonyola

        I came really close to convincing my dad that he should buy a Ranchero instead of the Fairlane wagon. Now *that* would have been cool to have in high school, especially living in coastal Florida. I had visions of tootling around with babes up front and surfboards and, of course, the Airedale in the back. Unfortunately, the only Rancheros at the local Ford dealer were base stripper versions with zero options and Mom would have none of that. So the wagon it was, but I made do with it. Dad would sometimes fuss at me – "Dammit, Tony, take those surfboard racks off the wagon NOW!"

      • Jimmy7

        You needed 10 people to eat a 'Zoo'.

        • Charles_Barrett

          Precisely…! Try fitting ten into my best friend's shiny brand-new 1982 Honda Civic DX hatchback…!

          • tonyola

            I had to look up Farrel's and the Zoo. My doctor would not approve.

  • PrawoJazdy

    Never owned one myself. My dad brought home Roadmasters as GM company cars when I was a kid. Boy do I miss that jump seat.

    This is the only wagon I've ever owned

    <img src=";

    • dukeisduke

      Same here. Mid '60s all steel version (I can still smell that baked enamel), which I dressed up with with the top part of a old Boston rocker (a small one), an American flag on a stick, and other stuff. I still have a scar near my left elbow from one particularly nasty spill. I wore out plenty of left shoes propelling that thing.

      • PrawoJazdy

        Mine was a mid '70s model I think. All steel like yours, even the wheels were steel with some serious rubber. It started to rust as I reached about 6 or 7. So my dad and I sand and painted it up real nice.

        I bent the handle back on mine for maximum control on the hill behind my house. The wagon in the summer beat the sled in the winter every time.

    • OA5599

      How come you didn't get a Roadmaster like your dad's?

      <img src=";

      • Charles_Barrett

        Oooh…! Note that the 'Roadmaster' came with white sidewall tires!

        • PrawoJazdy

          Yeah! Those black wheels look pretty slick with those.

      • PrawoJazdy

        Not enough room compared to the radio flyer. I had important kid business to haul around.

    • jeepjeff

      I had one of those. At my request, my Dad stuck a VW logo on the front. (I loved Herbie when I was a kid. I still harbor a strange fondness for Type 1s.)

  • Stu-Rock

    I've owned three. The first was a 1988 Dodge Aries, which went to the junkyard when the head gasket failed and the car's rust made it not worth fixing. Then I had a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser, which I flipped into some trees when someone forced me into an interstate highway median. The next morning, I bought a nearly identical 1995 Buick Century, which I had for several years. I did a complete suspension rebuild on that one. I got it to handle pretty well for a FWD twist-beam rear-axled car. I sold it when I decided that I wanted something bigger and faster.

    I'd love to go back to owning a wagon, but I don't feel the choices since 1996 have been that great. A 1995-1996 Roadmaster is in my dream garage, for sure. I'd also enjoy rolling in a V6 or turbo-4 Peugeot 505 wagon with a 5-speed.

  • IronBallsMcG

    I had a '89 5-speed Volvo 240 that I loved. I sold it when it the electrical problems became overwhelming for a DD. Then I bought an '02 Passat wagon with the 30-valve V-6. I really enjoyed that car also, it was a hell of a road tripper, but life changes and I decided it was time to sell it to buy a Jeep again.

  • Devin

    I've got a Toyota Matrix, and on the title it's a wagon so I'm going with it. No pictures though, it's in the body shop getting raccoon damage fixed.

    • Devin

      Since people are inevitably wondering what my sexy sensible hatchback looks like, here. I found a picture.

      ; width="500" height="334" alt="012">

      • So the raccoon damage is that they affixed a "my finger puppet speaks Esperanto" sticker over the rear plate?

        • Devin

          I think it's supposed to be a picture of a raccoon. I don't think raccoons are very good at drawing.

  • Remdog

    Well my current car is a 9-3 Hatch, which is close. My father has a better list: '06 Mazda6 with the v6 and 5 speed manual and a '98 a4 with a 5(?) speed as well. The Mazda6 is a good car but I have always thought the steering is abysmal. As is the turning radius.

    • azinck

      The turning radius of the Mazda6 IS abysmal.

  • oldcarjunkie

    Two. Neither very interesting I'm afraid.

    1997 Ford Escort – 5spd at least but boring brown. Tried to spice it up with Miata wheels … and failed.

    ; width="240" height="180" alt="1997 Ford Escort wagon">

    1998 Ford Taurus Wagon – Lovely DOHC V6 saddled with a Taurus body. My brother and has family actually lived in it for a while before I got it so had an interesting smell to it.

    ; width="240" height="180" alt="1998 Ford Taurus Wagon">

    Actually does this count? Sort of a wagon is my old 1969 GTE. 3.0L V6 / 4spd w/overdrive. Rare hand built British GT car. Project car that I never finished.

    ; width="240" height="180" alt="My Ex-Cars 1969 Reliant Scimitar GTE">

  • suju89

    88 Holden VL Commodore Turbo Wagon

    My first car actually. The front half was blue primer the rear was faded maroon and it had grey bumpers. It was missing the passenger side mirror and could be started with a dipstick.

    But it was powered by a Nissan RB30ET putting out 150kw (from factory, I am guessing mine had considerably less) and backed up by a 5 speed manual, which wasn't bad considering the 5litre V8 was only putting 130KW and could only be had with a TRIMATIC!

    My brother crashed it into a building that rented out Rolls-Royces for weddings or something. Missed one by about a metre.

    I don't have a picture of it, but here is one similar.
    <img src="; width="300">

  • JayP2112

    In 2000, I came -this- close to trading my 1997 A4 turbo (sedan) for a 1999 Legacy GT wagon 5 speed. The manager and I went around for an hour on how much my car was worth. I gave up and walked out. I gave up looking for a Legacy wagon and bought an Impreza 2.5 RS, the 1st gen. Now that car would have been awesome as a wagon!

    Later bought a Focus SVT 5 door. I used to for everything- from track events to hauling mulch. Nice little hatch.

  • david42

    A 1992 Camry V6. Practically a Lexus wagon, though absolutely the ugliest vehicle I have ever owned. But a h, fast, reliable, 7-seater. I think that if it had a modern stereo and some more airbags, it would be an improvement over a Venza in every way. I don't regret selling the Camry–not exactly an appropriate car for a 22 year-old, esp. compared with the SVX that replaced it–but I respect it.

    Also a 2001 Subaru Outback LL Bean with the H6 engine. Not as slick as the 1992 Camry(!), but pleasant enough over Boston's potholes. Unlike the Camry, I almost never miss it–too heavy for its engine, and shockingly loud on the freeway.

    Kamil, I'm super-jealous of your e39 wagon. I often wonder about the merits of the 528it vs. the 525it when ordered as stick-shift; I might have been tempted to find an older 528it, since the stick shift negates one of the big advantages of the 525 models (5-speed auto instead of 4).

  • Scandinavian Flick

    <img src=";

    This is the only wagon I ever owned. It's a Volvo 245ti (turbo intercooled) that was running around 18psi. It was a helluva fun car, but it went back to the person who owned it before me.

    This is how it sits now, on beige 18" 850R wheels. It looks even better in person.

    <img src=";

    • I dig the covers over sealed beams look. The later big plastic US-spec headlights turned yellow if you looked at them wrong, and the Euro-spec glass lights aren't easy to find and IMO are kinda ugly.

      • Scandinavian Flick

        Actually, believe it or not, the low beams are actually e-codes. I didn't know they came in that size, but they take an H4 bulb, and they have an "E" instead of the DOT marking. I do agree that those are the best looking headlights for the 240s. I am putting the TV screen e-codes on my 242, mostly because I hate the light output of sealed beams, but I have full setups for 4 different styles and will probably periodically switch between them.

        • Yeah, Hella, Cibie, and others sell E-code sealed beam replacements. I have a set on my LTD.

          • Scandinavian Flick

            Sweet, I'll have to keep that in mind. I might end up going that route on my 242 after all.

  • ripe39

    Here's my current ride- 2002 525iT. Love being part of the wagon family- It took months to find and 700 miles of travel!
    Shoot can't post a pic…

  • Dutch

    Back in the 80's, I had a 1971 Dodge Coronet Crestwood 3 seat wagon. It was HUGE. I bought it off the back lot at the dealership I worked at for $500.00. It had an orange 383 Magnum with a Holley 4 barrel, dual snorkel air cleaner, hiperf exhaust manifolds, and dual exhaust. Evevtually, it saw the dragstrip and ran low 15's in basically stock form with a good tuneup. In the end it was parted out for all the good stuff it had and the carcass hit the scrapper. I'll bet they made 1000 Neons out of that tank!

  • Mr_Biggles

    Also never owned one personally, but I learned to drive stick at the age of 12 or so in a '71 510 wagon in the back alleys of Calgary. It eventually rusted out so badly that one of the front struts tore away from the top mount and the front end of the car fell to the ground.

    The family later owned an early '80s Malibu wagon that was the most horrible car to ever spend time in. No A/C, back windows didn't open. I still shudder.

  • vwminispeedster

    Haven't owned a wagon of my own yet but have spent many a mile in Dad's 1970 Citroen DS21 wagon. As a family Pop drove us to Boston and back from Oakland, CA in the summer of 1989. That was a great time.

  • Fej

    Started out in highschool driving our 1985 olds 88 custom cruiser that we'd had forever. So long that it became the first car I ever crashed; knocked it out of park and rolled it backwards down a hill into a stump when I was three years old. Beast of a car, had grass and fungus growing in the back, infested with spiders and started with a screwdriver.
    <img src=";

    Then my senior year our neighbors sold my parents their 1995 V6 Camry wagon.
    <img src=";

    A couple civics and an integra later I purchased a 1989 RT4WD Civic Wagon.
    <img src=";

    And then less than a year later I bought another one. Found out while looking over some insurance paperwork recently that the two wagons were made in the same factory 3 cars apart!
    <img src=";

    Who wants to buy the red one?

  • 1slowvw

    I sold a 93 Passat wagon this past spring. It had the autotragic transmission, and the base 2.0L 16v. Despite those downfalls it was the greatest car I've ever owned. Kind of a charming ugly with the grill less front end. Had a nice little roof rack, and enough room to haul just about anything.
    We sold it when we moved to get my wife something newer for her 180km a day commute. We were both very sad when it went.

  • Alff

    Currently an '05 Legacy GT wagon, which replaced my beloved '99 Cherokee. Those are the only two wagons I've had – always been more of a pickup guy.

    On the other hand, the Mrs. has had five minivans. I'm gonna say they count, and thank my lucky stars that they weren't my dd.

  • Matt

    I have a 79 Trabant kombi. All original here in Maryland.

    • pj134

      … Pictures!?

      • Alff


  • Saturn SW2. I bought it mainly due to Saturn's no haggle policy. I chose a wagon over the sedan and coupe for its extra roominess.
    Saturn LW300. I bought this one because by that point, Saturn had discontinued their smaller wagon. The 3L V6 engine was really nice, the OEM tires and front seats were not.
    Volvo V70R (I just sold it this past Saturday). As the third car in our fleet, it was driven very little lately (less than 1000 miles in the past year), so it went to a new owner who hopefully will use it. It was the most fun and comfortable car I'd owned up to that point. Driven carefully, it would get 25MPG. Driven in a way that showcased its performance returned 17MPG.
    My current daily driver can't be beat for the fun factor and I plan to replace the wagon's cargo capacity by buying a small utility trailer for my wife's car.

    • pj134

      Was it a stick V70R? You should have let us know… Although, it's best I didn't know.

      • It was (well still is, I hope) an automatic. When I bought it, I thought long and hard about the transmission. At the end my laziness coupled with with my stop and go commute prevailed and I go the automatic. To this date, I'm still not sure it was the right decision…

    • JeffieWasHere

      I currently have an SW2. It's an automatic. Don't like the fold down configuration for the rear seats, and while the auto doesn't sap all the energy out of it, it's not as much fun as the SL1 5 speed I have (even with bigger tires/wheels), which is telling.

      That being said, I blame my father and his '81 Chevette hatch for the purchase. I just wanted something with more room and a hatch. The fold down configuration for the rear seats is a killer, however. You can fold down the right one separately, but the left is held up by a bar, and both have to be folded down to fold it down. Since my son's child seat is on the right, it renders this feature useless unless I take his seat out.

  • Jimmy7

    '91 Olds Custom Cruiser. '86 Nissan Stanza (called a wagon, more of a van.) '77? Audi Fox. '76 Datsun F10. '73 Toyota Corona.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    A faded version of this…1966 Rambler 660 wagon. Three on the tree, and remarkably good styling, IMO.

    <img src="; width="500">

  • RichardKopf

    Here's my current wagon, an `88 Caprice Estate with 217k:
    <img src="; width="500">

    It gets horrible gas mileage and is pretty slow, but it hauls a lot and the A/C works. I will be storing it away for the impending winter very soon, and will be driving my LHS, which oddly enough still works.

    Here's my old `89 240 (278k), which I owned from `06 until this past summer. My friend has it now.
    <img src="; width="500">

  • PotbellyJoe

    '09 Pontiac Vibe GT with a 5-speed manual. It's been a good car for the 4 of us. This shot was taken this weekend, after I put the rack on it. I had also just done the brakes that day, too.

    <img src="; alt="Photobucket" border="0" width="720">

  • buzzboy7

    I'm currently driving(while the comet is 9/10ths drivable) my mom's 3rd Forester. It's an 04, mid trim level, non turbo, 5 speed. It's a great car. It's fast, enough, it handles good, enough, and it's pretty darn practical. Even though my mom bought a new Mazda 3 hatch(2011, 6 speed) to replace the Subi, she still likes the subi more. It's just a better car in the long run. It's more comfortable and drives better. We use it over the mazda for road trips as the seats are more comfortable and it has more interior room. We can fit the three of us, and all of our snowboarding gear in the car, with no problems.

    And then my mom's wagon history. For a while she was doing the buy a car, keep it for 3 years, trade it in, thing. She's had in I believe this order
    Legacy '??
    Space Wagon/Expo/whatever the mitsubishi was called
    Legacy '??
    Legacy '95
    Forester '98
    Forester '01
    Forester '04
    Mazda 3 '11

  • Regan

  • BigFatGeek

    Wife currently has an '03 Subaru Legacy L-SE wagon.

    Other wagons in our past include a '02 Subaru WRX, '00 Subaru Forester and a '67 SAAB 95.

    Lots of hatchbacks too. Only two of the fourteen cars we've owned had traditional trunks – a Honda Del Sol and a Miata.

  • eelinow

    My first car was a wagon, a 1979 Nissan Sunny B310 (Carbed, RWD, 4 Speed Manual (which died and was replaced with a 5 speed, which several months later self-machined gears 1,2 & 3). Got rid of it because while I paid for it literally and figuratively, my sister decided to buy me a 86 VW Golf in Metallic Charcoal Grey w/non-machining 5 speed manual with all the bells and whistles.

    Present time, currently purchased (to replace my partially rally-prepped 05 Chevrolet Lacetti toss about) a beautiful 18 year old Volvo 945 NA Auto. While it is only one of two automatics I've owned in my life (the other, a Volvo 240 I drove for 6.5 years and sold for more than I paid with IPD goodies and Borbet alloys), it has the standard Dana 30 rear with an Eaton autolocking diff (i.e. a Detroit Locker famous from older muscle cars).

    Massive interior, everything functions mechanically and electrically (Heathed leather seats, 3 memory driver 6 way adjustable w/variable lumber), Right wheel drive, build incredibly well. Parts are cheap, easy to work on and usually only ever requires hand tools for even major changes.

    Currently upgraded all bushings, sway bars, rotors and pads, some cosmetics, etc. Single owner, garage kept and dealer maintained for the first 18 years.

    Was willing to buy a W123 MB Wagon, but that didn't present itself when I was looking. I trust RWD Volvos in general and know that with a little help from IPD, Volvo specialists out in Portland, OR for the past 48 years, I knew that the handling would be very solid, cornering flat, and tail happy on demand with or without a turbo engine.

    Side note on the utilitarian abilities of the 945.. The car seats 5 normally, has a full fold flat floor (up to the back of the front seats), with integrated tie down metal hooks almost everywhere in the 'cargo' area. Another benefit, the rearmost floor, flips open to reveal a rear facing, leather bench with dual 3-point seat belts. Underneath there, sits a full sized tire on wheel. There are storage compartments on the side rear flor for tools, another for storage, etc. Tow capacity stock is 3,300 lbs w/trailer brakes. Great (and fun) in the snow. Might not be the fastest, but still fun, maintainable and easily available parts at decent prices.

  • jeepjeff

    I haven't owned a wagon. My first car was an '88 Tercel Hatch though. Also, I learned to drive in a '92 Subaru Legacy.

  • mallthus

    1st up is this one:
    2001 Saab 9-5 Arc Wagon
    <img src=";

    2nd time around we got this:
    2002 Volvo V70 AWD
    <img src=";

    Now we have this one:
    2009 Subaru Outback
    <img src=";

    (all images are of the right model and color, but not of my actual cars)

  • I've owned three wagons, but each story is a bit painful. The first was a '59 Ford Country Sedan.

    <img src="; width="300">

    No, not that one. Mine was all white (although fawn tan is a nice color…) with a red interior, Mileage-Maker Six, three-speed manual with overdrive, and an Equa-Lock limited-slip differential. It was in rather poor shape. We 22 years ago I picked it up for $100, just managed to drive it as far as my parents' driveway, then stripped it for parts to keep my daily-driver (and first car!) '59 Ford Custom 300 sedan on the road. I've still got quite a few parts from that wagon set aside for my Perpetual Skyliner Project.

    Then there was the '70 SAAB 95.

    <img src="; width="300">

    Again, no, not that one. Mine was much rougher. Much, much rougher. I spotted it about twelve years ago on the lot of a towing/wrecking outfit in a seedy section of Seattle, bought it for (again) $100, took what I needed for my 96 and my Sonett V4, then had it towed to an independent SAAB mechanic who stripped the rest of it for his own parts inventory.

    Finally there was the '80 Honda Civic.

    <img src="; width="300">

    Nope, still not that one. Of the three wagons, I may have a photo of the Honda, but it would be an actual photograph stuffed in a drawer somewhere. I was the last of a long line of graduate students in my department to "inherit" the Honda for the princely sum of… $100. It required some engine work, but I got it going well enough to drive from WA to OR where I gave it to one of my nieces who was in need of a car. Her father (my brother, the mechanic) did quite a bit more work on it, then my niece drove it for several months until getting T-boned at an intersection. She was fine but the car was totalled. I then gave her a '69 Volvo 144 (of Concours d'LeMons fame) which she's still driving.

    I should probably think about picking up and keeping a wagon at some point. They seem so handy.

    • RealDonn

      The '59 Ford wagon with 6 cylinder had limited slip? Was that a common combination?

      • No, I don't believe so. That was the first year for limited-slip in Ford's passenger-car lineup, so it wasn't particularly common in any of them. Still, it had one, and as I recall the data plate confirmed it was that way from the factory.

  • MusclesMarinara

    I didn't own it, per se, but I got to drive it around a bit in high school. Not this exact one; ours had a bit more rust and less hubcaps.

    <img src=";

  • flr1975

    My current DD is a '93 E34 Touring, with the M50 Vanos. I searched for four months to find the best example I could, eventually landing on a 120K-mile example belonging to a college professor in San Luis Obispo (200 miles away). I've sunk a small fortune into maintenance that would typically be deferred by fourth owners of BMWs in this price range…I don't care. It's an incredible highway/road rally car, and I will never sell it. Pity it's an automatic.

  • Paul_y

    I never actually owned it myself, but I learned to drive in a 1986 Buick Electra Estate (B-body with the front clip from the C-body sedan). Woodgrain, comfortably seated between 8 and 10, depending on the level of danger you tolerated, and was powered by what appeared to be a boat anchor that consumed gasoline. It was wrecked (while parked) by a drunk driver on July 4, 1999. I miss it terribly.

    ….and when I was a New York resident, the state considered my current 2004 xB to be a wagon.

    <img src="; width="500">

  • salguod

    I've owned some wagon-like vehicles (88 Caravan, 99 Odyssey and now a 10 Outlook) and many hatches (80 Monza, 88 Pulsar, unfortunately without the wagon back, 93 Escort and 05 Mazda3) but the only proper wagon I've owned was an 88 Subaru Loyale. A woman at church was going to junk it around 1995 because it was overheating and she didn't want to put money into it. I offered the same $50 the junkyard would give her, but she just gave it to me. I added a gallon of water and it ran just fine and was perfect for my second job delivering newspapers. The shifter was loose in the console, the tires were iffy and it was generally rough and dirty, but it served me well for a couple years. Held a lot of newspapers in the back.

    The timing belt went and I replaced it, noting several oil and water leaks inside the timing cover which I promptly ignored. Several months later I think the belt broke again due to the leaks. I never investigated it, I was done with the paper route so I just had it towed away.

  • uteking

    2007 Kia Rondo – I know it's not as cool as some of the sweet iron posted in this thread, but I love it just the same. Mine's fully loaded with leather and a sunroof and it is positively huge on the inside while remaining pretty small on the outside. I got the 2.7l V6 so I could tow a vintage Apache folding trailer – the car has only a 2000-lb limit, but that's enough.

  • CastorTroy

    2003 Audi S6. Still own it. Hope I never sell it

  • joshuman

    My current car is a 2002 Audi A4 1.8t Avant with a manual transmission and the sport package. A near-retirement female pediatrician owned it before me so it only has 80k miles so far. Despite the stereotype, this car has not given me much in the way of mechanical or electrical trouble. Before that we had a 2001 Volvo V70 T5. It was really comfortable and quite quick for a family hauler.

    I probably came home from the hospital in a two-stroke Saab not unlike mdharrell's up there. Dad sold it to a friend and, some time around 1977, bought the first of a long succession of Subaru wagons that continues to this day.

    • JayP2112

      Start saving for the suspension replace on the A4.
      Timing belt replace, and watch that transmission… you probably already know all this but I hope MY experience keeps someone from having to deal with the same heartache.

      • joshuman

        The timing belt is in the near future. The transmission is fine. The suspension is fine so far with no control arm issues. This car is almost paid off. When it is, I'll build a small fund for repair or down payment on the next car.

  • I've had 3 wagons…

    A black 63 Comet 4 door, straight 6, 3-on-the-tree, one front fender we got for $1, kinda like this…
    <img src=";

    A green-on-green 73 LTD wagon that had been airborne a few times… (pictured)
    <img src=";

    And then…
    <img src="; width="500">

    What?!?! You SAID wagon…

  • coupeZ600

    I've never owned anything other than wagons, besides a '63 Falcon Econoline and a '71 Caddy Fleetwood (both wagons in their own right). Here's my DD, and check it out, this is ARIZONA!

    ; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

  • topdeadcentre

    My first wagon was a safety-orange 1976 AMC Hornet Sportabout with white pointy gnashing teeth painted on the simpler '74 style grille. Looked something like this, but brighter orange and no roof rack (though the hubcaps are correct…):
    <img src=";

    My second wagon was a gray 1994 Volvo 850 Turbo. Nice car, can't find a photo.

    Traded the 850 in for my current car, a 2004 Volvo V70R with a six-speed, here looking positively dinky parked next to a 1959 Continental Mark IV factory-built limousine:
    <img src=";

  • dot

    hahaha, someone really thought this shit out

    so easy to read, great changes!

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    You've all seen Severin before.

    <img src="; width=600>

    1992 745Ti, daily beater, bought for $200 as a winter car, ended up daily-driving it for nearly a year so far as the 244 became a project.

    Here's the whole family, and then some:

    <img src="; width=600>

    2003 Sable LS, loaded (grandfather's beloved boat), '02 Forester L (grandfather's past winter car, now inherited by my uncle), '00 Outback Limited (grandfather's new winter beast – the man has a thing for wagons), '91 Accord EX ('Skrillex' – a friend's old car – later painted before it lost all of its fluids and the engine seized where it was parked), my 745Ti, and my 244DL (which isn't a wagon, but hey).

  • MadKaw

    Currently a '72 Vista Cruiser – green with woodgrain, green interior, 455/TH400, factory positraction. I love that thing, it's just fun to cruise around in, and definitely has her share of grunt, too. At one time I had a '65 Vista, but it was never a runner – I sold it before I did much with it as the body turned out to be far more rotten than initially thought. Briefly owned a '69 Vista that had been rolled inside a trailer, which I bought to salvage it's engine (Olds 400). Also had a '97 Volvo 850 (non-turbo, unfortunately) wagon for a few years. Loved that car, too. I think my wagon addiction came from spending several years of my youth in the back of a green (apparently I'm a magnet for green wagons) '84 Pontiac Bonneville Safari wagon.

  • craigsu

    '91 Volvo 245 (purchased in '93) with 167k miles on it at present. No plans to get rid of it ever.

    '99 Saab 9-3 SE 5-door purchased new with 141k miles on it at present. No plans to get rid of it ever.

    Hope to add a Saab 95 V4 in the future when I find the right one at the right price.

  • 2003 Pontiac Vibe as the daily driver and the wife has a Mazda 5, which depending on who you talk to is a wagon. Quietly looking for another wagon to add to the fleet or as a replacement for the Vibe.

  • sport_wagon

    Many excellent wagons on display. Here's mine:

    <img src=";

  • I had a 85 Buick Century Wagon Limited with the V-6 (which meant more cylinders to fail)
    when my 85 Buick Century Custom SEDAN died….. oh the irony.

    My dad however has me beat:
    1980 Impala wagon
    1984 Buick Skyhawk wagon
    and the venerable 1985 Buick Century wagon mentioned above with blue paint and the the equally blue velour interior.

    If anything it was great for going camping with your friends ..you can throw a few tents, a few cases of beer. a few smoking accessories and you were good to go…I give my pop credit he drove that thing until 2002 when he traded it in with nearly 200K on the odo for a Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer

  • austinminiman

    The current fleet of wagons is:
    2000 BMW 528iT 5-Speed. Same story as Kamil, we bought it from someone who didn't take care of it, so it's taken some time/money to sort, but we love it. It is, though, close to being the slowest vehicle I've driven. It's… slow. I couldn't imagine an automatic 525iT.

    A 1992 Volvo 960 Wagon, Ford 302, AFR 165 Heads, Tremec T56 6-Speed.

    1967 Austin Mini Woody Wagon. 1380 with a Weber.

    1972 Austin 1300 Countryman(Wagon), Bought recently as a rolling shell, currently in the process of getting a Vtec.

    So we have a total of four wagons, all of them manuals.

    Honorable mention: 2001 Z3 3.0 Coupe. It's like a baby wagon, though I suppose shooting brake is the proper term.

    • pj134


  • yoth

    my first car was a 78 honda civic wagon. that was a wonderful, yet crappy first car. i would end up on the side of the road randomly due to vapor locks. i bought is for like three hundred bucks and my dad found a guy who could "fix" the headgasket issue on the cheap. the headgasket went bad again less than a year later.

    i now a 2006 mazda3 wagon. mazda does make cars that are fun to drive.

  • Peso8005

    ; border="0" alt="2012 V passenger side">

    Only had her for two months and just passed the break in point, will report back soon.

    • topdeadcentre

      Niiiiice… I want one. I might even buy a lease-return used one next spring…

      By the way, you can cut down the image size by specifying a maximum width in your HTML:
      Full size (I used curly braces instead of angle brackets in the example):
      {img src=";}
      <img src=";
      Reduced size (I often use 550 width):
      {img src="; width="300/"}
      <img src="; width="300/">

  • Vavon

    None! I've driven several, but have only owned hatchbacks…

  • RealDonn

    1971 Olds Vista Cruiser while in college, and yes I got it on purpose. Wanted the advantages of a Van (this was 1972) but a much lower profile with the constabulary. Many a great roadtrip and I could "crash" in the back. Got 17 mpg, which was pretty good back then. Windows in the roof!

  • chuck

    pretty much this one but with different rims… 06 a4 avant quattro with the 6 spd manual

    <img src=";

  • moominsean

    I had a copper-colored 1984 Toyota Tercel wagon from 1988 to 1991, pretty much destroyed it in those three years. Got $50 scrap for it.

  • Mad_Hungarian

    How about six wagons:
    1. 1980 Subaru. Bought in 1984 or '85 and owned for less than a year before it was rear ended by a van and totaled.
    2. 1984 Buick Skyhawk. Bought to replace the totaled Subaru. Block cracked at 23K and got new engine under warranty. A/C drain clogged up every few weeks flooding the interior in summer. Traded in on the '88 Celebrity.
    3. 1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport. First brand new car I bought. Endless problems including transmission failure at 53K miles. Traded in on a Camry sedan in 1992.
    4. 1976 Olds Custom Cruiser (the big one with the clamshell gate). Bought at Fall Carlisle in 2003 because I really wanted a clamshell. Sold in early 2005 to raise cash to buy my daughter a car for college (she got an '86 Volvo wagon)
    5. 1993 Olds Cutlass Cruiser. Bought in late 2005, I was having wagon withdrawal symptoms. Daily driver till summer 2009. Wasn't quite right after it overheated in a traffic jam because the electric cooling fan failed.
    6. 1985 Mercedes 280TE grey market gas engine wagon. Bought in 2009 while I still had the Olds. Huge mistake, badly misrepresented eBay car, quickly resold before it became my hopeless money pit.

  • lynyrd

    My '67 Chevelle wagon had a 4 bolt 350, a 4-barrel, and a Muncie 4-speed. Sadly I had to sell it when we moved from AL to Chicago. Now we have an '06 Passat wagon with a 6-speed. It does a lot of things better than the Chevelle but it doesn't get near as much respect in the campground at Talladega.


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