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Redusernab Classic Captions – The 1960 Studebaker Lark Convertible Edition

Jim Brennan November 7, 2011 Redusernab Classic Captions Contest 76 Comments

It must be another Monday because it’s time for another Classic Caption Contest here at Redusernab. To review, I search for images that were used by the car companies in their advertising or brochures, and it is your job to provide a well thought out (or not) humorous caption that is tied in with the image. Starting this week, I will be awarding prizes for the best caption, and this week you are all playing for a Scion IQ Knit Skull Cap that I received from the New York Auto Show about a year ago. I will be dipping into my swag bag for items that I think you all would like, so this would be a great time for you all to participate.

Last weeks image was of three well dressed Corvette Enthusiasts and as usual there were quite a few that bordered on the NSFW label. Most comments were very funny, with a couple that trotted out a very tired . An example of this is from our good friend , who submitted the caption: “This hooker is about to find out how large the “trunk” space is in this Corvette.” He is normally right there with a great punchline, and a lot of you gave the thumbs up for this line, but it was an old cliché that really didn’t deserve to win. Nothing personal B.J.

No, the winner this week is this comment from Atomic Toasters Author : “It’s a little known fact that the 2000s sitcom “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place” was actually a remake of a 1980s adult film “Two Dicks, A Chick and a Stick”.”

Your Prize Awaits

It’s now time to take a look at this weeks illustration. It is a Brochure image for the featuring two lovely young couples enjoying a summer afternoon drive. There have been a number of images throughout the history of car advertising in which women passengers use scarves or handkerchiefs in this fashion, but I never knew why. Can you answer why these two need to have something blowing in the wind? And are we sure they are in fact handkerchiefs and not panties? This may explain why the men have such big smiles…

You have the next five days to come up with a great caption. The editors will then devise a way of getting their lady friends to exhibit the same behavior when they go for a ride in a top down machine. And only when successful in doing so, will they award one of you lucky people with a Scion IQ Knit Skull Cap. So get busy.

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  • Alff

    The founding members of the Isadora Duncan Appreciation Society take a little road trip.

    • UDman

      So obscure, yet so fitting…

      • Alff

        I have a feeling my head will be cold this winter.

        • pj134

          I'm pretty sure this thing was won on the first comment, to be honest.

          • fodder650

            Yeah I've got to agree. How do you improve upon that?

            • pj134

              Apparently by quoting a line from the article, in my case.

    • Scandinavian Flick

      I got it. I cringed a bit, but thumbs up anyway.

    • dukeisduke

      Somewhere, William L. Shirer is groaning.

      (he had the hots for isadora)

    • Damn, I thought I was going to be too obsure by going with this one.

    • Smells_Homeless

      Dammit! That was MY angle. Good jeorb. And the Dorothy Parker Club mutters something about dangerous affectations when they pass.

    • jeepjeff

      If you were worried about it being not obscure enough, I had to hit wikipedia.

      Considering how she died, you're a sick basterd.

      (Which earns you a click of the ol' follow button…)

  • pj134

    Hey Chip, I told you this Studebaker would be a panty remover!

    • pj134

      As a note, I wasn't trying to be that obtuse, just didn't RTFA.

  • TurboBrick

    "Boy, am I glad you talked me into checking that 'PM Yellow' paint option on the order sheet!"

  • Scandinavian Flick

    Today, when we hear "Crazy Taxi," we think of the video game. Back in the 60s though, it was a game in which young hooligans would steal the driver's boxer shorts and cast them to the wind.

    Games were a bit more dangerous back then… Thank God for video games!

  • The new Lark. So exciting you will only drive it three weeks a month.

    • Alff

      I had to think about that several times before I got it. For me, that's what makes a good caption.

      • I had to try harder. Last weeks was obligatory. Jim was correct in mentioning my last weeks caption was a 'cliche that is old and not deserving.

    • craigsu

      I thought the color was PMY, not PMSY.

      • UDman

        You know, it took me at least a couple of hours to get that one…

  • PotbellyJoe

    Pittsburgh can no longer lay claim to starting the 'Terrible Towels' trend.

    • Alff

      Who knows, maybe these are fans on their way to the game. The colors are right.

      • dukeisduke

        They're obviously not heading home from last night's game.

        (steeler fan in mourning here)

        • Alff

          At least your team didn't lose to Miami yesterday (Chiefs fan nursing hangover here).

          • pj134

            At least no backup quarterback for the Chiefs (who's stat sheet currently reads 1 attempt for 1 interception) called them the "Dream Team".

            The next time I hear or read that, I'm gonna stab someone.

          • dukeisduke

            Yeah, that sucked. I've got some friends that are Chiefs fans, and they're bummed.

            • Alff

              After going to the Buffalo game earlier this season, I told the guys I was with that I wouldn't go to another this season. They sucked me back in by winning four in a row.

        • PotbellyJoe

          As a Rutgers alum/fan, but also a fan of the law, I am conflicted in cheering for Ray Rice since it means Ray Lewis also gets the win.

          When they play Pittsburgh, I am less conflicted (but still conflicted).

          Just hoping my Bears can get a win tonight against the 'Dream Team'

          • pj134

            Oh, and we have a volunteer!

            • PotbellyJoe

              I don't know if I catch the reference, sorry I'm in quarterly data punching mode today, my higher level thinking is turned off at the moment.

              • pj134

                My reply to Alff that is directly above yours. The last line in each of our comments.

                Shit, at least I got the Flyers and Giroux to root for.

                Aren't you from Philavania?

                • PotbellyJoe

                  I live in West Jersey. But I was born in Chicago and spent most of my growing up in southwest Michigan. So my sports teams are a mess.

                  NHL- Red wings
                  NFL – Bears
                  MLB – Cubs (AL Yankees, Kalamazoo connection with Jeter)
                  NCAA Football – Rutgers, Notre Dame
                  NCAAB – Rutgers, Kansas (lived there too, first sports game I was allowed to 'stay up' for was the 1991 final Four against UNC)

                  So yeah, all over the place.

                  • pj134

                    Alright, at least you're not one of those "I like the Cowboys because they were good when I was kid" bastards. You actually have a connection of some sort with those teams, although you must be rather torn considering Detroit vs Chicago is usually a Pitt vs Philly or Philly vs NY style rivalry. The Yankees part is inexcusable though.

                    Still, I hope that McCoy destroys your very soul tonight.

                    • PotbellyJoe

                      My brother, living in Memphis right now, is pretty much a Yankees fan, his logic being. "Only so many people hate the Cubs, Yankee hate is basically universal."

                    • pj134

                      … douche.

                    • PotbellyJoe

                      Most Yankee fans I know thrive on the hate of others, I think it's what makes them so frustrating to hate.

                      'I hate you because you love to be hated by me.' is never a satisfying feeling.

                    • pj134

                      Bah, kick em in the nuts.

                • njhoon

                  I'm Philly area native, and still live in Philly.

                  – Lets not forget JVR and (it is now OK to like him because he is one of us) Jagr. The Flyers better be OK this year, at least until Spring Training starts.

                  F the Yankees!

                  • pj134

                    I have always liked JVR, I've just been saying Giroux was going to be something special since shortly after he was drafted so it is kind of a source of pride for me. Plus, he's finally out of the puppy-like going all over the place and tripping over his tail and not finishing thing, so the sky is the limit I feel. I think a lot of what is happening right now can be chalked up to growing pains. If the NHL best 4 goals per game is a result of team that isn't perfectly gelled yet, it's going to be scary when they are. I was excited when they signed Jagr but tried to temper myself. Right now, I'm pretty glad I was excited though.

                    Hockey has taken priority for me over the past 4 years or so followed by an equal love for the Eagles and Phils. Hockey is just more exciting for me so I'm in it from October to June, team's play willing.

                    • njhoon

                      Agreed. Giroux should be scary good this year. Even more so with Jagr doing his 'night school' thing, which I can sort of see the whole team starting to benefit from. I will be a fun year.
                      When the Eagles started to aspire to and reach, extreme mediocrity over the last few years hockey season starts even earlier for me. Hockey can now take me all of the way into baseball season which I think has become my favorite even if I can't get tickets for the games anymore.

                    • pj134

                      Have you noticed how Shelley can actually move this year since he started the night practice? Like, he can actually skate decently, it's incredible. The eagles piss me off that I can't like them more than I do. I legitimately like Reid and the team but they seem to not give a shit most of the year. Hockey is enjoyable all four seasons for me though.

          • dukeisduke

            Ray "I don't own a white suit" Lewis?

            • PotbellyJoe

              Yes that Ray "I didn't rat my friends out to get out of punishment, but I told police my side of the story and the two of them are in jail serving time and I'm still playing Football" Lewis

              Yours is shorter.

              • pj134

                The best were the "murderer" chants he would get (really still gets) in Philly. It's too bad the media didn't give him the nickname "Kershaw".

  • The Studebaker Lark: Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

  • flr1975

    Behold: the rarely-seen Studebaker-Westinghouse Lark Top Loading Dryer concept, with special delicates cycle!

  • "Yea, baby! Wave it up there! Hold it high! Where everybody can see it! Oh yea…"

    Tonight on 60 Minutes: Scarf Fetishists and the Women Who Love Them.

  • An exceprt from Kamasutra for Middle-Aged White People, Page 23:

    "The Studebaker Lark has been successfully completed when the pair of women simultaneously remove their bloomers. Upon said removal, both men emit a warm, knowing smile. Tea and cake will be served upon completion."

  • Devin

    For our next trick, we'll use a new Lark to make panties disappear! Get ready for a MIND EXPLOSION!

  • Devin

    It was a fortunate coincidence that the Wire concert was right next door to Bill and Iris' football reffing seminar.

  • dukeisduke

    Looking at the specs, the convertible option added 220lbs over a two-door hardtop (six); 216lbs for the V-8. Those are some serious structural reinforcements/band-aids.

  • Thanks, Jim! I hope you have power now!

    • UDman

      Yup,eight days with no power, no internet, and only canned food sure takes a lot out of you. At least work was very busy…

      • tonyola

        I can appreciate your situation. Hurricane Wilma deprived me of power for 11 days here in Miami. There was one big difference though – there was no risk of freezing to death in my case.

      • Van Sarockin

        Welcome Back! You were missed. Hope you and your family's places came through alright.

  • We were somewhere around Glendale, on the edge of the Valley, when the mai tais began to take hold.

    • skitter

      So we did the craziest thing we could think of.

    • flr1975

      There is nothing so desperate, so utterly depraved, as a woman in the middle of a Studebaker bender. And I knew we'd get into that rotten car soon enough.

  • tonyola

    Fred and Marvin grinned in devilish delight as the date-rape drugs they had slipped to the girls began to take hold.

    • Damn, you took my comment to a very un-1950s place.

      • tonyola

        In all honesty, I hadn't read your comment yet when I posted mine. I can only conclude that we both have depraved imaginations.

    • pj134

      Being quite a few years ahead of his time, Marvin looked to Fred and said, "If it weren't for date rape I'd never get laid…"

      (Honestly, I'm pretty sure this picture was the inspiration for Sublime – Date Rape now that I think about it.)

  • $kaycog

    I'll be briefs. You girls need to keep your pants on.

    • pj134

      Sage advise from a computer box.

  • KAH

    Ladies you are not doing it right, I’m pretty sure you the idea for the protest was to burn those bras

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Nope these are the hippies chicks' moms, they prefer their men to burn rubber than grass too.

  • locknload1

    The 1960 Studebaker Lark Convertible Edition, your days of doing that stupid wavy airplane/hand thingy out a car window are over! Now you can begin doing that stupid scarf over your head move!

  • Studebaker sex-ed circa 1960:-

    One of these girls is swinging yellow panties, one is waving the white flag. In terms of submissive coitus, which of them is the more likely to be up for a Lark?

  • dukeisduke

    "Show us your Larks, er, panties!"

    (obscure enough?)

  • fodder650

    Pictured Timothy Leary and assistant with his first two subjects

  • Number_Six

    Studebaker: For men who want handjobs from beautiful women they hardly know.

  • Van Sarockin

    As good as life gets. Until you get a red Caprice convertible, fill the trunk with beer and alcohol and a few guns, and stuff a satchel with enough pills, blow, medical grade cocaine, mescaline and ether to make Las Vegas seem normal.

  • Joe Dunlap

    Seat belts? We dont got no seat belts. We dont need no STINKING seatbelts!

  • corytate

    the 1960 Studebaker Lark: Air out those nasty underpants.

  • RogueInLA

    Studebaker, the official panty raid car of Notre Dame.

  • Fred was still trying to convince Marvin and the girls that bow ties "are" cool as they careened off the cliff…

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