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Happy Hoonoween – Darnell’s Tonight Edition

Antti Kautonen October 31, 2011 Finnish Line 10 Comments

Body by David Bache. Soul by Satan. Electrics by Lucas.

Even though Halloween isn’t exactly huge here in Finland, I’d like to chime in with this photo piece of this creepily Christine-like Rover sighting.

Despite John Carpenter possibly being best-known for directing Halloween (1978), I consider Christine (1983) to be my all-time favorite of his films, and every time I walk past this very worn Rover 3-litre I make the mental connection in my head. While it’s certainly no 1958 Fury and there’s no V8 under the hood, it definitely looks menacing and deranged enough to one night flash full beams and lunge at some poor punk crossing its path, while Carpenter’s relentless, beating electronic score plays in the background. “Cunningham? Is that you?”

Rover 3-litre, Kokkola, Finland

The rear bumper seems to be detaching itself from the car.

So is the paint on the roof.

Real, actual wood is still present. Quarterlights and the lack of chrome trim along the side mean this is a Mark II P5.

The car has sat there for months now. For some reason it sits right in the middle of the forecourt, instead of being shoved somewhere further back; this gives me the idea it has either been dropped off by somebody or it waits to be picked up by somebody. Cars at the garage usually stop by just to be grabbed by a huge crusher truck – this has since been the fate of a green Citroën BX that sat close by.

I believe the Rover is the Mark II iteration of the P5 body, marking it down as a 1962-1965 car. The eponymous 3-litre engine produced 129 horsepower then. All in all, the P5 Rover was built from 1958 to 1973 and in the end featured the 3.5-litre V8; this engine was of course of Buick bloodline, and the V8 cars were thus called the P5B:s. The P5 was also available as a four-door coupe version with a more sculpted roof line.

Could this mirror have fixed itself?

Luckily, there seems to be a tractor guarding the forecourt.

Viking badge is long gone.

The interior seems to be filled with random stuff, all of which may not be parts of the car itself.

So, it might be somebody’s project car, or it might be a parts donor. I do remember seeing another black P5 driving around town in distinctly better shape, so this might be donating some of its useable parts for that one. Or, of course, these two might very well be the same car. “Alright, show me.”

  • Devin

    Joe Lucas, Prince of Darkness.

    • jeepjeff

      Lucas Electrics. You Will Be Thankful You Own A Chrysler Product™

  • flr1975

    You say "detaching." I say "REGENERATING!"

  • alcology

    Are they still bumperettes if they are on a bumper?

    Those fangs are ready to suck someone dry

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      Overriders. Or, yeah, fangs.

  • Alff

    I want to live in a place where this is waiting to rise again.

  • craigsu

    Those tail lights are verrrrrrrry interesting.

  • Mr. Smee

    I love those Rovers! I've always wanted to put a small-block in one. In fact, I don't know why the hot rod types haven't caught on to caars like this and old Jags

  • scroggzilla

    Well…..you're no Humber Super Snipe. But you're alright, Rover.

  • sporty88au

    The Rover factory caught on in the mid-60's, buying the rights to the Buick 215 alloy V8.

    While not common in North America (not really enough of them around), in markets where these cars sold in reasonable quantities (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) you do occasionally see modified examples. There is a nice modified Rover P6B getting around Sydney at the moment (will have to hunt down some pictures), and Holden/Chev/Ford V8 swaps into Jaguar XJ6 and XJ12's are pretty common Down Under (back in the 1980's it was very common – unfavourable exchange rates at the time often made it cheaper than rebuilding the Jag engine).


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