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Redusernab Wagon Wednesday – TV’s Mister Ed introduction of the Studebaker Wagonaire

Jim Brennan October 26, 2011 Wagon Wednesday 24 Comments

I found a classic video from the Mister Ed Television show from 1963 that focused on the Studebaker Wagonaire. I was going to use a screen capture of the video, but I chose this image instead, since it perfectly matches the vintage vibe of the time, and I’m not going to use the image for my classic caption posting. You can view the video after the jump…

This was a series that ran from January 5, 1961 to February 6, 1966, and was about a Husband and Wife that owned a Palomino Horse that only spoke to Wilbur Post, one of the lead characters in the show. The series was sponsored from 1961-63 by Studebaker Corporation, and the cars were featured prominently in the show during this period. The Posts (the owners of the horse) are shown owning a 1962 Lark convertible, and the company used publicity shots featuring the Posts and Mister Ed with their product. Various cast members also appeared in “integrated commercials” for Lark at the end of the program. The Addisons (The Posts next door neighbors) are shown owning a 1963 Avanti. It is also interesting to note that even before Studebaker sponsored the show, the first episode ever aired showed the Posts driving a 1961 Studebaker Lark. It was really a vapid show that I was surprised stayed on the air as long as it did. Enjoy the video…

Lead Image:

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    As a little kid I saw Mr. Ed on TV in Poland and thought that the horses must be way smarter in the US.

    • dukeisduke

      Doing our part to bring down the Iron Curtain!

    • OA5599

      Not book smarts, just horse sense.

  • tempesjo

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    The step drops down, put your Energon Cubes in, because the sky's the limit in this Wagonaire!

  • $kaycog

    I've never seen a Lark Wagonaire before. The roof sliding open is a pretty neat feature; and I love the beauty vanity……of course.

    • dukeisduke

      They're pretty cool, but if you owned one you'd want to keep it in the garage, because the roofs typically leak.

      • $kaycog

        I wondered about that.

        • Mike_the_Dog

          The story goes that when designing the Envoy XUV, GM's engineers went to the Studebaker engineers and asked how they managed to stop it from leaking. The answer? "We didn't".

          • $kaycog

            Hahaha! Nice.

          • comatus

            What they did was pretty clever though. The leak was pretty predictable, and they channeled it into the hatch track, and down a drain tube inside the post between the front & back door, to underneath the car. Unless the tube got blocked, you'd never know it was leaking.

  • OA5599

    The image above must be a publicity shot, and not part of the series, which was filmed in black and white, for good reason.

    • $kaycog

      Wikianswers says that Snopes is wrong, and that Mr. Ed is indeed a horse, not a zebra.

      • OA5599

        You were supposed to wait for somebody to take the bait.

        The good reason the show was filmed in black and white is that it aired on CBS in first run (after October 1961, before which date original episodes ran in syndication), a network that had adopted a no-color policy for the first half of the decade. CBS did not want to give viewers an incentive to buy color television sets, most of which, at the time, were manufactured by RCA, owner of the competing NBC network.

        • $kaycog

          Oh, you! I guess I was the one who took the bait. It must be close to Happy Hour.

        • dculberson

          I totally took the bait, man. I read your post, followed the link, and read the entire thing going "what the eff??" Once I got to the part where football players were running into referees because they couldn't see them due to the black and white TV sets I knew something was up. But I still didn't get that it was a ruse until the link at the end. Sigh. Pretty damn funny. It even had me checking Wikipedia and wondering what was in my coffee this morning.

    • Bwahahahahah…
      (be sure to check the "about this page" section)

  • locknload1

    Studebaker Wagonaire, hung like Mr. Ed!

  • dukeisduke

    I've been recording Mister Ed episodes and watching them lately. You can catch them in the early morning hours if your TV market has a station carrying the THIS-TV network. They also run Sea Hunt, Highway Patrol, The Patty Duke Show, and The Outer Limits, the show that used to scare the hell out of me, and give me nightmares, when I was a kid.

  • Devin

    You would think they'd have an episode where Mr. Ed rides in the back of their shiny new Wagonaire, for cross promotion.

    • dukeisduke

      Nope, but in one episode he wants to learn how to drive, ends up driving a delivery truck down city streets, and gets pulled over by a motorcycle cop.

  • west_coaster

    Along the same lines, there was a great promo video for Chevrolet a few years later that featured stars from various CBS shows on the western street from Bonanza.

    I think Dan Blocker got into a Sting Ray, Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched talked about some other car (might have been a Chevelle), and poor Robert Vaughn from The Man From U-N-C-L-E (looking like he really didn't want to be there) was pitching a 4-door Corvair.

  • Mike_the_Dog

    This one's a regular at my local Cruise Night, as well as the Orphan Car Show.

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  • [ y_PZPpWTRTU ]

    • jjnaz33

      …and Leon Ames was a Ford dealer in Southern Califprnia at the time! Leon Ames Ford in Encino… I think.