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Redusernab Weekeknd Edition – Unique Cars to be Sold at the Clars Classic Car Auction

Jim Brennan July 9, 2011 For Sale, Weekend Edition 6 Comments

Welcome to the Redusernab Weekend. Over at , they ran a posting about a mystery International Transporter that was going up for auction. The auction was the that will be held in Oakland, California next Tuesday. The catalog is astonishing, and I thought I would highlight a few items for this weekend.

For this posting, I thought I would highlight some of the Classic and Contemporary cars that are being offered, that look to be in drivable condition. Let’s start with this 1929 Cadillac Series 341-B Roadster. It is powered by a Cadillac Flathead V-8, and it looks to be in restored condition.

Auction estimates are between $90,000 to $130,000, and according to the catalog “This is a conditional sale pending a total lien amount is met on the sale of this vehicle combined with two other vehicles.” So what do you think this will bring in on Tuesday?

This is a 1931 Stutz Model MD Derham Convertible, and it looks in remarkable condition. Stutz doubled the number of valves per cylinder in its engine resulting in a boost of horsepower by 40-percent from the base motor. It is not known if this car has such a motor, so we are left to guess.

Auction estimates are between $120,000 and $160,000, with an opening bid of $60,000. Will this Stutz bring in that kind of cash?

Here is a 2002 Bentley Continental, which is far more desirable than the Phaeton based Bentley models of late. This car shows about 12,000 miles, sports a two tone leather interior, chrome wheels, and is a Ballers Dream.

Auction estimates are between $60,000 to $80,000 with an opening bid of $30,000. Is this really in line with what the used Bentley Market commands?

Here is a 1996 Jaguar XJ-S Convertible, and it looks a little run down to me. It shows around 52,000 miles, and one has to wonder if this thing was ever cared for properly. Auction estimates place this car between $10,000 and $15,000, with an opening bid of $5,000.

I guess five grand is a good starting point, but not much more.

This is a 1974 Lincoln MK IV Coupe, in remarkable condition. Yes, if you ever wanted a Malaise Era Coupe, this may be the one for you. It is a Cartier edition, and the odometer shows 46,032 miles. It has good paint and appears to be an original well preserved car.

Auction estimates are between $4,000 and $6,000 with an opening bid of $2,000.

Are any of these listings lighting your fire? Let me know…

  • Syrax

    The Continental price target seems fair. It's an '02 and low mileage. The Jaguar seems a little overpriced for a six cylinder. Maybe they're counting on reliability over the V12 to raise the value.

  • Spencedaddy

    I wonder if my 79 MkV would sell for that much…..hmmm….

  • P161911

    My dad was recently looking at XJ-S convertibles. $5,000-$10,000 seems about right for a 1996 depending on condition.
    The Lincoln sounds like a good deal. Sometimes a bottom er can find great deals if there is only a little bit of low dollar stuff and a bunch of high dollar stuff. It is unlikely the same guy looking at the Stutz or Caddy would have any interest in the Lincoln. $2k would be a bargain for the Lincoln.

  • OA5599

    I think the Bentley and Jag are a little high, after you factor in the Buyer's premium, which is a whopping 21% on cars hammered at $70L or below. What exactly does the auctioneer do to deserve this much? The descriptions on the site have perhaps one sentence for details, and the photographs look Craigslist quality. I read somewhere on the site that they expect to gavel approximately 100 cars per hour, so that doesn't allow for much bidding.

    The Cadillac and Stutz are probably in the ballpark, especially if they come with any history, presuming they look good up close.

    There are a bunch of old truck parts/restoration candidates with particularly cheap presale estimates. If I livrd closer, I'd love to haul one home and either get it running or slap it on a newer running chassis.

  • RichardKopf

    6K is a bit steep on the Mark IV. It's in great shape, but it's not perfect.

  • Van Sarockin

    The Bentley might be a great deal at the low end, but I wouldn't go above $40k. All the custom work could hurt the value more than improve it. The Jag's price doesn't seem so bad, as long as it's all together. Something about the Stutz makes me wonder if it's truly accurate – don't know why. It and the Caddy, I might buy a house before I put serious cash down on them. Well, a house with a big garage, anyways.

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