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Matchbox Mania: The Germans Invade England Edition

Alex Kierstein July 8, 2011 In General 5 Comments

I was semi-facetiously saying yesterday that all of my diecast cars came from Taiwan, but flipping over this silver Merc led to a surprise – it’s a Corgi, and just like the Queen’s ludicrous little dogs, it was born in that great island nation known for bad food and worse teeth. Not only that, this Englander is German. No, it’s not some elaborate result of a tin , it’s just a Mercedes-Benz 240D, W115 chassis code. Having marathoned across the southern California wastes in a slightly newer 240D, I can say that I have a counter-intuitive admiration for these heavy, underpowered panzers. What’s not pictured in this image is the little plastic-molded tow ball adhered to the back of it, which I’m sure was intended to inform young subjects of Great Britain that a 65-horsepower OM616 diesel was plenty to haul a caravan around. Which clearly is a lesson that stuck, judging by how apoplectic Top Gear gets when the subject turns to them.

  • CVan Sarockin

    I'd put the 240D a bit closer to the Kubelwagen than to a Panzer!

  • Here is a part of my office car collection:

    • BlackIce_GTS

      I hate it when my model cars aren't OCD compliant.

  • nofrillls

    How fantastic! Never actually seen a W114/W115 "matchbox" car before. Glad to know they actually exist.

  • Buickboy92

    Way Cool!



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