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Celebrate Canada Day in a Very Big Way

Deartháir July 1, 2011 In General 7 Comments

The Armet Gurkha, shown with a Smart... or some other subcompact.

Today is Canada Day, and as the token Canadian here on staff, it’s up to me to recognize the event. And, in the spirit of Canada’s peaceful nature, low crime rates and generally civil populace — with the exception of Vancouver, of course, because they’ve always been a bunch of f***-ups — we present an appropriately Canadian vehicle, the Armet Gurkha.

Okay, perhaps not. But it would certainly be perfect for picking little Jimmy up from play-school while talking on the cellphone, filing your nails and sipping your latte!

What’s that? A heavily-armoured sport-ute based on a Ford F550 chassis, with the ability to stop a 7.62mm armour-piercing round and absorb small rocket-fire isn’t enough for you? Well good news! There’s an upgrade!

Much easier to parallel park!

If you need something large, heavily-armoured and excessively powerful, but a little easier to park, and with a bit more storage space, Armet now also makes a few versions based on my personal favourites, the MAN L2000 trucks. Okay, in fairness, the only real difference is the cab-over configuration, but the flat body panels lend themselves well to hiding the heavy armour, so it doesn’t look quite as conspicuous. Relatively. I mean, it’s not like you can really look inconspicuous in a armoured truck that weighs in at 7.5 t.

Of course, for those who are looking for something a little smaller, Armet also makes an armoured Chrysler 300C. But where’s the fun in that?

  • Van Sarockin

    O Canada, you stay classy.

  • $kaycog

    Happy Canada Day, ya'll!

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  • FuzzyPlushroom

    I'd rather have the MAN. Y'know, so that I could live in it, and fewer folks would joke about the size of my MAN hood.

    You know, because it doesn't have a hood. The cab tilts.

  • dmilligan

    The Gurkha looks like a fine vehicle to use for those Costco runs and taking the wife to bingo. A little dressy, maybe.

  • facelvega

    The design leaves a lot to be desired on these. The wheel arches, for instance, look like a first effort by a twelve year-old. Then again, most of the potential JLTV and MRAP options are also pretty underwhelming compared to the military trucks of yesteryear.

  • That lead pic kinda messes with my eyes.. I KNOW the Hummer is big, but I simply can't see the Gurkha as being even bigger. My mind keeps seeing the H2 as a powertoy.

  • That second picture belongs in the favorite van post!

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