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Celebrate Crankshaftmas with Manta Claus!

Alex Kierstein December 24, 2010 In General 5 Comments

Reindeer not required.

The season of Crankshaftmas is upon us, and with all its varied traditions (nog, Logs, and toe). This season, let me suggest that one family change things up a bit, and ditch that pokey, jingle-bell covered sleigh for a golden brown box-flared brown Manta!

I have no doubt the spoiler tells the truth.

Manta Claus knows who’s been particularly naughty this year, and if you measure up you might earn the right to consider putting under their this year. Just don’t go stingy with the cookies and milk, and make sure you smear some Marvel Mystery Oil in your chimney so the pudgy fenders of that holly jolly racer can fit.

And from this particular Hoon, in the spirit of Crankshaftmas, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

  • alewifecove

    Odd that it does not seem to say exactly what the engine is….

    • FЯeeMan

      Since it's a Hot Wheels, it is obviously motivated by bicep power.

  • Seeing as it's the 24th, it should really be powered by Motorhead.

  • Foxtails up!
    [youtube A4g0KWcseYE youtube]

  • tenbeers

    Box Flares 4 lyfe!

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