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Hoonicast Episode 1: Featuring Aaron Severson of Ate Up With Motor

Alex Kierstein December 20, 2010 In General 39 Comments

This is what it feels like to listen to the Redusernab podcast.

I know it’s Monday. You aren’t awake yet ‘cuz the coffeemaker is on the fritz and your upstairs neighbors sounded like they were teaching a class how to tapdance in clogs all night long. Your coworkers are sickeningly cheerful and your clients are madder than a jar full of hornets being shaken by a six-year-old. It’s only 9:02 and you’re thinking about burning the whole place to the ground. You look to Redusernab on the sly for a little comfort, something to get you through the day.

Ask and ye shall receive. May I present the first Hoonicast – just over an hour of Redusernab’s finest minds coming together to tackle the burning issues that you care about. Why does the Ford Maverick appeal to Tanshanomi? Will the Monaro-based GTO be a future classic? Are Harley-Davidsons still relevant if you’re under 60 and don’t have a non-ironic beard? Listen and maybe you’ll find out. Plus there’s a very special guest: Aaron Severson, who is the brains behind the wonderfully comprehensive and incredibly interesting , who joined the call to tell us about his site.

Click through to listen to the Hoonicast.

To listen to the Hoonicast, click on the image below to open the file in another tab or window, or right click and then save link to your computer. More listening options, including a subscribe-able iTunes podcast stream, are in the works.

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  • For the record: I misspoke on the podcast. American Iron Magazine did not have a Yamaha on their cover. It was, when I saw it again, a Victory Hammer. My apologies to Buzz Kanter and the guys at AIM.

    • Also, just for the record, I was not, at any time, "several sheets to the wind."

  • Han_Solex

    I can't wait to hear what you all have to say about the new intro music. "Dammit Kierstein! It's too soft! I miss that sweet wailing guitar riff!"

    • personally, i can't wait for Cake to sue us…

      • You mean we didn't license that use through ASCAP?
        Personally, I'm shocked.

    • "Dammit Kierstein! It's too soft!"

      That's what she said.

      • Han_Solex

        Note to self: commenting without coffee = unintended consequences.

  • omg_grip

    I no longer have high speed internet at home. I am worried if I try to d/l this at work it will get your site blocked completely.

    Must…try…android phone?

  • GTXEliminator

    I wish there was a proper player with pause and the like.

    • hmm… it opens in a new window/tab and i have volume controls as well as a pause button.

      • GTXEliminator

        It opens in a new tab with a black bar on firefox, IE however downloads it into Windows Media Player.

        • Han_Solex

          We're working on an integrated audio player and iTunes support. Hopefully by the next one! If you need to pause, I'd just use Windows Media Player, or a free player like VLC Media Player.

          • RSDeuce

            Google Chrome opened it with a pause/play and volume. It was perfect.

  • GTXEliminator

    We any power from any size, how about the Rotax 1.5L 3-cylinder with 260 HP.

  • Best line so far? "…blowing through toll booths, not because he's a criminal, but because he didn't know how they worked."


  • Jo Schmo

    I cannot be held accountable for anything I may have said as I was under the influence of alcohol, hallucinagenic mushrooms, and diesel fumes.

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      "It's three and a HALF percent, you douchebag!"

  • alcology

    While amber is talking, what is that "drop" sound? Is it a computer or someone's mouth? Nice podcast guys, good start to something interesting!

    • I think that was an incoming IM on Blake's PC.

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      Skype incoming-message noises. I checked mine the first time I heard it even though I have my notification sound effects disabled.

  • I'd totally buy a Trailer Park Easter band shirt (provided it had the Wullet prominently displayed, of course).

    Excellent job, folks. I may have to jump in on a future edition.

  • Deartháir

    I'm just amazed we managed to get Jerry Seinfeld to host this thing. "What's the DEEEEEEEAL with THAT?"

    • Deartháir

      Also, who has the Newfie accent? Is that Blake? How in the hell does the Asian Mr. Wrong sound like he's from Newfoundland, bye?

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    For what it's worth, I listened to this by saving it to my hard drive and importing it into iTunes… and after the podcast ended, iTunes (on shuffle) promptly queued up (NSFW if you have speakers at work). Yeah, it threw me at first, because although the beat is even NPR-sponsor-mention-background-worthy, the lyrics just ain't. It made things that much better, though.

  • Texan_Idiot25

    Jason sounds nerdy.

    Other than that, everyone sounds like I had imagine… This is excellent.

    • Jason sounds like me.

      "Where's my beer? What's happening to me?"

  • Texan_Idiot25

    Also, the GTO has no sleeper status to it. Anyone who is even decently into cars, or races – street or otherwise – knows of the GTO. Conservative styling means nothing when it's performance reputation is everywhere.

    That has to be one of the most annoying titles for it. It maybe a sleeper to a Toyota owner, but if someone picks the car out in traffic to race, they're not doing it because they think it's a slow little sedan.

    • Deartháir

      It's not a sleeper to those of us who frequent Redusernab, but I've shown photos of the new GTO to people who I would genuinely consider "car guys" quite a few times now, and had them all say, "What the hell is that thing?"

      We do have to remember we're our own unique little microcosm here.

      • Texan_Idiot25

        I'd have to guess that Canada really didn't get that many.

        However, here, they're very well known by even casual car poeple. They also come in to car meets in herds of Cammed LS2s, looking for trouble.

        Everyone knows they're the cheap Corvette.

    • AteUpWithMotor

      For the record, my point was not that performance-minded people didn't know about it, but that it didn't immediately draw the eye of all the world's policemen in the way a heavily modded F-body with a screaming chicken on the hood usually does.

  • coupeZ600


    The guys in the car looked like they were having a grand old time hauling ass across the desert with the windows down and beers between their legs.

    ; border="0" alt="Photobucket" >

  • You forgot to ask Aaron why he totally ignores me!

    • Can you blame him?

    • AteUpWithMotor

      When have I totally ignored you? I must have missed it.

  • coupeZ600

    What's kind of strange about the cylinder thing is how in Big Trucks, Little Trucks, and Medium Trucks is that they're all I-6's…..

    As a Driver, you tip the Cab/Hood every single time you walk up to it at the beginning of your shift, and you want everything to look the same, alternator, and water-pumps and A/C compressors excepted. If I tipped the Hood of a Truck and saw a V-8, no matter how powerful, the first thing I would do is call the Boss and tell him the mechanics are fucking with our Trucks.

    If the Boss said, "We're moving to V-8's", I'd have to go have a serious talk with him.

    • coupeZ600

      I just finished listening, and the podcast was excellent! Thanks!

    • Texan_Idiot25

      I6s are generally stronger than V8s, more main bearing caps.

      • coupeZ600

        In diesels, or in gas engines too? (sorry, I have very little technical knowledge of gas engines).

        My brother has a '66 GMC P-U with a 351 V-6 (half a Twin-Six) and that thing runs like a bat out of hell.

  • Tony

    I really enjoyed the podcast. If you keep it up it will be my new favorite auto podcast.

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