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If the Crown Custom Fits, Wear It!

Alex Kierstein November 17, 2010 For Sale 22 Comments

With detailing straight out of the school of design, this ’72 Toyota Crown Custom wagon should push all the right buttons for the discriminating toyotaku.

The rare-for-the-US S60 Crowns were apparently a Stateside sales disaster, perhaps due to that aforementioned eccentric styling, but despite our Northerly Neighbors’ permissive RHD import laws, this appears to be a LHD version originally sold in North America (the side reflectors are a good clue, and even those minimalist bumpers appear to be kosher for the US at the time). A wee bit of rust and a couple dings betray what was probably several decades of underappreciated commuter use, but when you’re eyeballing this rare of a vehicle you can’t be a beggar as well as a chooser.

I’m going to level with you here – unless we’re talking about some Wats or classic Enkeis and a well-thought-out stance, classic Toyotas are best left relatively original. These modern Enkeis are making my eyes water, and the thought of unobtanium springs cut into bouncy half-coils that compare unfavorably to a steam roller’s ride quality is similarly disturbing. Hopefully this is easily rectified, and luckily the ever-enthusiastic J-tin crowd can help you rejewel your Crown. Just don’t cut up anything not easily replaceable, which pretty much means you should lock your angle-grinder and sawzall in a safety deposit box until after you resell the car.

That being said, as long as rust is under control and all the bits and pieces are there, this is a lot of uniqueness at a decent price. And no one’s going to complain if you slip in a beefier motor (7M-GTE?) between the suspension towers in place of a hopelessly tired 2.0 liter.


  • DeadinSideInc

    This car is speaking to me, saying all the right things! All the best of "quirky" Japanese styling characteristics (where did these go?) and it is 'stanced'!!!! But someday…..

  • tonyola

    I used to see one of these wagons in Cocoa Beach when I lived there in the late '70s. Even then these late Crowns were extremely rare. Toyota first offered this style for the 1972 model year. Sales were so bad that even before the model year was over, the Crown was dropped and the Mark II became the top Toyota for the next several years. The price is a little high for this oddball, and the buyer is going to have one hell of a time finding parts this side of the big pond.

    These Crowns had a 2.6-liter Six for the US market, not a 2.0-liter.

  • I have never, ever seen one of these as a wagon. I like what I see. I love the way that the Japanese used to ape Americana in their designs, but did so in a hopelessly inaccurate way. Either way, there seems little chance of their character returning.

  • dculberson

    Love love love this wagon. I had never seen this body style before.

  • "It is in really great origional shape." It's easy to mock the seller, so I will just leave that. This car is amazing, and I think $4500 is fair. This Crown Custom sure does photograph well, too. Damn, that is some sessy pics.

    • Mr_Biggles

      You beat me to it. My origional thought was the same as yours.

      • Just didn't want to be unorigional.

  • Many of the styling elements are very cool, yet when combined together give me fight-or-flight chills.

    • DeadinSideInc

      Flight, right towards it.

  • I love all the quirky lines featured on this car and the rear end is so killer. It looks really swell!

    Toyota, where dost thou lose yourself?

  • Mr_Biggles

    Another cool longroof that I have never seen before. I especially like the sunken grill and headlights with the wraparound above it. Also, could be worse if it really has the I6 he mentions in the add.

  • Never seen one before either, it's old enough it can cross the border to the US, and get a vin number. Stupid government, keeping our hands off cool imports, if I want to drive a Nissan Figaro I should be able to drive a Nisan Figaro!

  • Ditch the wheels and WANT.

    • Deartháir

      Agreed. I love the stance, but the wheels just aren't right for the car.

  • scroggzilla


  • RichardKopf

    Oh for chrissakes someone rescue this from its impending disaster. This should be left alone.

  • The first time I've said "Ooooh!!" out loud in a long time! I really like it.

    I don't think I've seen one of these anywhere since the mid-70's, let alone still out on the road.

    Here's hoping someone grabs the car and leaves the patina alone. I'm not big on the wheels, but I don't hate them either. Yeah, vintage Enkeis or even just plain black steel wheels would set it off nicely, as would a set of fuzzy pachinko-balls.

  • Smells_Homeless

    For some reason, I'm seeing AMC in there, even though that doesn't make much sense.

    • Mike_the_Dog

      Actually, it does make some sense. Mostly due to its resemblance to an Ambassador/Matador wagon.

  • zaddikim

    I like it, wheels and all. Of course, being correct would be more optimal, but I like the styling, all of it.

    Completely off-topic – this is just outside Tractorgrease Records, in Chilliwack, BC, home of Relic's Jetboat. They've actually got a wicked studio setup in there, and Jeff and the boys put on cozy little concerts, which are more like living-room/kitchen get-togethers.

    If you ever find yourself in the area, pick up some of their CDs, especially Cameron Latimer's – the dude's a genius.

  • Lin

    My dad's comapny had one in Taiwan back in 1972 with orange color and black interial.. nice stright six with 3 speed automatic still have plenty of power.

  • peter konings

    i have one like that in the Netherlands [europ]
    when i look at the lights at the back i would say it is a 2.3 liter ms67 1972
    there are only 4 off these left overhere i have the only 2.3
    its standing in a garage waiting till i find time to restore it [for the last 12 year

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