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Rusty’s 5-State Ride

Peter Tanshanomi November 16, 2010 In General, Two-Wheel Tuesday 19 Comments

My good friend and all-around cool guy Rusty Spokes (the same guy who provided my biggest vehicle ride) recently headed out on his Suzuki V-Strom 1000 from Pueblo, Colorado and passed through five states on a on a 500+ mile loop before arriving back home later that same day. Why? Well, just to do it.

Now, five states in the same day may not be anything remarkable if you live on Long Island, but out where the states are a bit larger, it’s sort of awesome. Okay, so it’s not OMG-you’re-a-macho-deity awesome, more like the hey-that-sounds-fun-I-should-do-it-too level of awesome. Which was, in fact, exactly what it turned out to be.

Rusty told me that the inspiration for this trip was a 5-state loop I drove (not rode) back in college, many years ago. That’s pretty cool to me, because I’m usually the one trying to emulate him. My 5-state loop crossed Missouri and headed through Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas. My dorm was only about about 30 miles from the Iowa border, so I could have easily made it six states, but I was not actually trying to string states together. Instead, I was attempting to join the 1000 mile club (which I did, covering 1,047 miles solo in just under the 24 hour limit). What illustrious vehicle did I achieve this feat in? …A 1981 Toyota Tercel 2-door. Yea, that trip wasn’t quite macho-god-cool, either. But it was an entertaining way to get out of the dorm and away from my annoying roommate.

Although, if I were to do it again, I would surely choose Rusty’s infinitely cooler mode of transport…and perhaps his route, too.

  • JacobDFriedman

    These loops are a hoot. I did a seven state loop last May, covering Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and then back through Ohio and Indiana to Illinois. 2.5 days, 2000+ miles, one really tired driver.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun. Not as fun as the back roads in Colorado, but still fun. Living in the heart of Texas, it takes just about 500 miles to just get to another state.

  • I don't remember making that trip…. I gotta change my user name.

    • You were hittin' the bottle pretty good that weekend…

      • Only that weekend?! I'm desperately jealous, though. This country needs more open road.

  • IronBallsMcG

    Hopefully this spring will finally bring my my 1000 in 24 attempt. Minor hiccups have kept me home this year. This will be the steed of choice:
    <img src=";
    Iron Butt, here I come!

    • Sounds like quite a Venture.

      • IronBallsMcG

        Well done.
        That's a heck of an eye for a 27 year old bike that wasn't all that popular.

        • Ah, you got me. I thought it was an '85…

  • Number_Six

    Five states in 500 miles? The US is such a quaint little place.

    edit: I did my Iron Butt (1000 miles under 24 hrs) on a Honda CBR600 F1. I did the whole thing in one morning-to-night run in June, when there's about 20 hours of sun in British Columbia. My ass and knees hurt so bad I could hardly walk for a couple of days.

    • Deartháir

      It is such a cute little place, isn't it? Now if you manage to do five provinces in a day, I'll be duly impressed. Best I've done in just over a day was three. Southern BC to Northern Saskatchewan, a distance of about 2500 kms in about a day and a half.

      • ptschett

        Is 5 provinces in a day even possible at legal (or almost-legal) speeds? It seems to me that Ontario has to be at one end of the trip, and the other provinces are either BC + the prairie provinces or Quebec + the maritimes.

        • Number_Six

          At best you might go Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI. You'd have to fly to NFLD to fit in the fourth one.

    • B72

      I did an Iron Butt on a Kawasaki Z1 900, basically a circumnavigation of New England. I did it with a buddy who had a BMW R100. I think his was the steed of choice – much better fairings than me with my cheesy aftermarket upper and hippo hands. We did it in 19 hours and change, but we never went slow. Every stop, one guy would gas both bikes and the other would hit the facilities, then we would ride out ASAP. We stashed food in our instrument panels and ate while driving. Don't try that at home kids – you need a lot of road, and it can get messy if you try to grab the clutch while holding a sandwich.

  • dwegmull

    I can barely stand driving for more than a couple of hours… I am truly impressed!

    A colleague of mine took part in the 10K in 10 days rally. Read all about it here: …

  • I really look forward to getting my license this spring and going on some longer rides with the Ascot. Probably not anything over a few hundred miles though, it hurts my kiester just to think about.

  • ptschett

    Pretty neat. I don't think I can get 5 states from here in Fargo in much less than 700 miles, and about 600 of those are on I-29 except for a loop something like Vermillion SD – Ponca NE – Sioux City IA – Luverne MN – Sioux Falls SD.

    I do almost as well to visit provinces instead; a few years ago I took a three-state, two-province trip with Fargo, Winnipeg MB, Kenora ON, and Duluth/Superior as the main cities.

  • If you lived in Pueblo you could really cheat on this simply by driving to the Four Corners, and score three states that way. Then drive to El Paso, and score Texas, cross the border for Chihuahua. Hey, nobody said that they all had to be in the States.

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