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Ferrari F430 GT2 è Bellisimo ma Insano Costoso

Alex Kierstein September 27, 2010 All Things Hoon 13 Comments

Just how insanely expensive? I don’t know. I don’t want to know. Because if I did, I’d find a way to pay for it, and with my income (what income?), raising the funds would probably be extra-legal. So let’s just throw practical considerations out the window – it’s Fantasy Junction after all, so let’s fantasize, shall we?

I mean, just LOOK at it. While the street versions of the F430 compared poorly to the achingly beautiful 360 Modena, the sinisterly purposeful GT2 version is almost aneurysm-inducing. It’ll also blow a F430 Challenge Stradale into the weeds. While the 4.3L motor is destroked to 4 liters to qualify for the GT2 class, the 2,425 lbs weight and 483 HP channeled through a six-speed sequential box is surely manic.

If you owned this car, this would be your office. And your office would be hot, loud, and awesome. See that gearchange lever? Slap it forward or back and in 500 milliseconds you’ll have another gear. Play with the brake bias knobs! Mash the gas and unleash an orgasmic cacophony! It’s really just a play set for adults – and one that finished fourth in the 2007 12 Hours of Sebring (another F430 GT2 won that race). Impractical, expensive, not street legal … what’s not to love?

  • Baron Von Danger

    Dhiaa Al-Essa has two

  • I always get a chuckle when I see yellow sticky labels next to every switch and dial in a race car. In fact, i'm popping out to my car now with a Dymo right now, to give my car that "just set a hot lap at Monza" cockpit look.

    • Mr_Biggles

      You would think that by the time you were hot-lapping at Monza, you'd know what they all did without having to read the label.

      Meanwhile, I really want a knob that says "Brake Bias F-R" in my car (whether it works or not).

    • I'm going out to tear out the passenger seat and put in a fire extinguisher. Mrs. engineerd may not be appreciative, but it'll look sweet!

  • SuperD

    That rear wing looks like it came off one of those rice burner cars with the phart can mufflers….

    • Ah, but this one serves a purpose, unlike the one on ricers. Huge difference.

      • chrystlubitshi

        does it also brew the coffee that was previously contained within? (sure, with a 'smoky hint of extra flavour')??


    Time to add to the Encyclopedia Hoonatica section NACA Ducts.

    • Han_Solex

      I'm glad offset NACA ducts on the hood didn't die in the '80s. That's a good look.

  • FЯeeMan

    Why does it have a turn signal stalk?

    All the cool stuff to look at, and my eye just keeps getting drawn to that. Do you have to signal for pit entry?

    • name_too_long

      Probably controls the headlights.

    • Fej


  • ruckus racing

    "…just added to my porn collection…"

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