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I Am Jack (Pine)’s Beautifully Shot Demo Ride

Alex Kierstein September 7, 2010 Two-Wheel Tuesday 10 Comments

The Jack Pine

Rule #1 is you don’t talk about Hammarhead Industries. But we hate rules and we’ve broken this one before with a covert mention of the Bullet, an electrified Royal Enfield. And now we have video, smuggled out of Hammarhead Industries’ secret lair, showing the Triumph-based Jack Pine in action. Make the jump for video goodness.

The modern Bonnie is already an aesthetic tour de force and allegedly a damn fine ride, so we imagine that Hammarhead’s modifications certainly don’t lessen the experience. Plus just has a look about it – a look that says you may be able to upgrade the appearance of your rear-seat passenger with one. It also comes with a $14,500 premium. No editorial comment about whether getting to know Jack Pine is worth the cost of admission.

  • SuperD

    Where are the turn signals?

    • Han_Solex

      Jack Pine don't need no stinking turn signals!!!

    • joshuman

      Attached to your torso at the shoulder.

  • Baron Von Danger

    Very sexy scrambler, but is it really worth the money?

    I mean, i could easily buy a base '06 for 1/3 the price and just modify it, I wonder what the did with it to make the price soo high. I guess it really is for people who don't have the time or skill to build a nice bike like this.

    Looks fun to ride though.

    • Han_Solex

      I didn't delve into it in the post, but I think the simple answer is: consider it to be art. Perhaps as a work of art it's worth almost $15k. I often see photos in galleries selling for a couple hundred bucks and think, "I've taken photos at least as interesting as that before." But I'd prefer to frame one of my own photos than to buy someone else's. But you know, art sells, even if it's expensive or someone else could do it for less. I think that's what's going on here – someone's just going to "get it" and the money is not going to be an issue to them. I'm not saying that's good or bad. It's just art.

      • Baron Von Danger

        I definitely agree with that, it is a beautiful piece of art.

    • Number_Six

      The price wouldn't bother me one bit if I was on a manager's salary at my company. I'm lazy and couldn't replicate this on my own, so buying it outright would make me happy.

  • This is an absolutely beautiful bike and I want one, but then I read down to the price, and yeah, I could possibly build something like it myself (providing that I had a decent garage to work in, which, dammit, I don't) for a helluva lot less, using old Triumph bits and pieces to boot, which would result in a bike with more soul. When you're talking about a beast like this, soul counts for more than whether or not it drips oil and you have to kick the thing to get it going. Actually, tickling the Amal carbs and dripping gas would add to the funk factor, and that's cool if you're me.

  • I dig that side mirror. where can I buy one w/o parting out a Jack Pine?

  • hammarhead

    The mirror is from Joker Machine ( ).