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Balls of Depleted Uranium: The Nürburgring in a 1964 Ford Fairlane

Deartháir August 27, 2010 In General 19 Comments

So you think you’re pretty brave, do you? You think you’re a pretty fair driver? Willing to take on automotive challenges that would make other men turn pale? You think there isn’t a whole lot in the automotive realm that would frighten you? Then it’s time to up the stakes, like the madmen over at Classic Driver did.

I’ll admit, there isn’t a whole lot that will frighten me in a car. I’ve done far too many stupid things in far too many cars that simply aren’t capable of doing them. This, however, is outside of my realm. These chaps managed to hit speeds of  nearly 280 km/h (or something like 175 pieces of string tied to a log for the Americans) on the straight stretches. This was on the Nurburgring, one of the most legendary and challenging courses on the planet. And this was done in a 1964 Ford Fairlane 500.

But not just any Ford Fairlane 500. It’s a Fairlane 500. Not familiar? They were a racing car builder in the 1950s and 60s, and were involved with an obscure form of racing known as NasCar.

Now we were pointed to this awesomeness by rovingardener, in the context of an article over at . While we usually try not to simply re-post articles from elsewhere, in this case, it was far too awesome not to share. Want more? Here’s the video! Enjoy!

Now we need a Hoon who works in video production to get the original of that video from them and remaster it into cinema quality so we aren’t just listening to static, but rather the sweet, sweet sound of that 427.

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  • Velocitré

    I wanted to see if they put him back into the straitjacket after the lap

  • ninja3000

    WOW. Just, WOW.

  • fisheater

    I felt sorry for every person he passed. They had to be thinking they were bees knees running the old ring in some vintage steel. And then to be smoked by this beast.

    You have lost a level.
    Strength: -2
    Charisma: -1
    Balls: -10

    • Number_Six

      Unparalleled levels of pwnage!

  • vwminispeedster

    I'll take the DS hauler.

  • Man, if only I had my own V8 powered, lightweight 1964 Ford to build into a vintage racer.

    …oh wait…

    [evil laughter]

    • Alff

      Time to hit Harbor Freight…

      • Already got that exact kit :).

        More like I need to hit up these guys: …

  • nofrillls

    What in holy French hell is that car piggybacking on?

    I can't decide if I want to weep for such abuse of a DS or jump for joy in celebration of such hydrosprung absurdity. I think I'll attempt both at the same time…no stranger tan attempt than carrying a race-prepped Ford Fairlaine on the back of a Citroen DS to run at the Nurburgring.

  • P161911

    The Green Hell really isn't all that different than running 'shine on the backwoods roads of North Carolina and Tennessee. Even looks sort of similar. Nurburgring is just Germany's version of Thunder Road.

  • scroggzilla

    Back in '68, the Argentines did the 'Ring with a pimped out Rambler powered by a Willys Tornado 6
    ; width="640" height="463" alt="69 marathon de la route ika torino 380w pits" />
    for 84 hours!!!

    ¿quién es la mayoría del machista?

  • Just wow.

    Theres a fight in my head between this and the AMG "Red Sow" for "Favourite-big-fat-heavy-fast-car-honours". Fairlane is winning. It's the noise and the fact that he was wrestling the wheel with his entire body. Man, would I have liked to have been there in the flesh to see and hear that thing go through the Karussel.

    Thanks so much for sharing this,

    Also, is that a somewhat broken Lotus Elan at 4'30"?

    • A gutted, track-prepped '64 Fairlane probably weighs under 2500lbs.

      • Really? Wow again.

        The closest I've ever come to seeing anything like this was watching the Classic Touring Car Championship at Snetterton circuit, Norfolk. It basically came down to UK vs US, the track was heaving with Camaros, Fairlanes and Mustangs fighting it out with with Lotus Cortinas and Mini Coopers. The sky rang with the bassy sound of Michigan Metal and the screaming four cylinder mills being strung out beyond their limits.

        This was in about '98. I really wish digital video cameras had been invented earlier.

  • Sivart_R1

    Couple comments after watching most of this.
    1 – Seemed like the hood of the fairlane (bonnet for those that can't do math in anything but base 10) was longer than a lot of the cars being passed.
    2 – It took a few minutes to place why this seemed so unusual for a 'ring video, until I realized it was the sun glare. I think this is the first video I've watched where the sun was out.

  • Maymar

    I think I'd be entirely okay with driving that car on that track.

    Of course, there's no way I'd be able to approach the cornering limits.

    And I'd probably be worn out after a lap.

    It'd still be worth it.

  • gearhead

    "Ain't nuthin' stock about a stock car…"

  • rovingardener

    Of all places this came to me from Ferrari List. Its a mailing list that isn't afraid of wonderful sacrilege, working class guys who make it rich, generally and really like all kinds of cars, especially ass-engine etc..

  • Bobby

    As he lifts and applies the throttle, It sounds as if he is slowing and speeding the destruction of earth behind him, rather then the motors RPM.