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Found on Ebay: French Hot Hatch Edition

Jo Schmo April 30, 2010 All Things Hoon 31 Comments

Do I have your attention now?

While looking for other examples of a Renault R4 van yesterday, I came upon this sexy little red head.

Ferrari? I didn't see a Ferrari

Currently located in Oregon, this showroom condition, rally-ready R5 Turbo II has a “special interest” registration and barely more than 25k on the clock.

Holy Footprint Batman!!

Equipped with super rare 3 piece Gotti wheels and some seriously fat Yokohamas, traction shouldn’t be to much of a concern as you go tear-assin down to the grocery store to pick up some Château Margaux.

This is definately one car that belongs in Jo Schmo’s Fantasy Garage.

Find it on with a starting bid just under $50K.

  • I adore everything about that car – what it is, what it represents, and what it can do is obvious. But I especially love the styling character quirks: The fat vented rear fenders, the agressive reverse-curve from the front fender to the bumper; the redundant / abundant amber signals and lights. And take special note of the flared aero windgaurd on the a-pillar, flowing along the roof into that ducktail spoiler! All this is very tasty icing on a hoontastic little biscuit. Er, croissant, whatever. Me wanty.

  • I didn't notice until just a few minutes before this went life but BaT also has a feature on this go-cart on steroids …

  • I always had something against the T2 but couldn't remember what. If Wikipedia is to be believed:
    "A second version, named Turbo 2, was introduced using stock Renault 5 parts replacing many of light alloy components in the original 5 Turbo version. The original 5 Turbo was in retrospect called Turbo 1."

    Maybe that's it. I think I saw this in a TV show or something. Renault said the T1 and T2 had the same performance, but testers found out it wasn't the same thing. Still, T1 or T2, it is amazing.

  • Nice. I could see myself cruising back roads in it.

  • Been looking at this since BaT posted it, still can't believe how clean and shiny it is. My 4 month old car looks like a filthy pile of shit in comparison.

  • I'd be paranoid to drive it on the street, worrying that some doofus in an Excursion talking on their cellphone would t-bone it, sending it to an early grave (and me with it).

  • OTOH, that would sure get some WTF? looks on the street.

  • These are astonishing vehicles, yet I find myself preferring yesterday's R4 van….

  • The best part? Not the turbo. Not the motor. Not the hatch, or the heritage. The best part is those rims. I fucking HEART those rims. The other stuff is just double bonus.

  • Northern VA air does that.

  • There are about eleventy billion things I would do to have this car, and only 1 or 2 things I wouldn't do. These high strung French fried cars are my Siren. I have a deep attraction to them even though I know it can only end in my ruin.

  • As does being too lazy to wash it 😛

  • seaninc

    Agreed, it's not sex on wheels, it's sex on sex.

  • Well, there's that.

  • Not only was the T1 the actual homologation special, it had a spectacular orange and blue custom interior, complete with around a zillion orange gauges on a completely non-stock dashboard.

  • KAH


  • AteUpWithMotor

    I love these things. Utter madness.

    History of the R5 and Turbo:

  • Surrendipitous

  • Excellent write-up! Thank you sir!

  • This car poses the eternal question: "What would you dooooooo, for a Klondike bar?" Wait… Oh goddamnit! I am hungry again!

  • Especially this time of year with all the pollen.

  • SirNotAppearing

    ZOMG, Redusernab has been unblocked at work! Thank the IT Gods!

  • I'm glad that Oregon grants official recognition to the things I like: "Special Interest registration".

  • 1) The teaser shot of the rear scoop on the main page has caused a minor pants party
    2) Does anyone know the reason(s) that this and other euro cars of similar vintage have that one red rear light on the driver's side? A so called fog light?

  • It's a rear fog light. Very bright and therefore very annoying when used in less-than-seriously-foggy conditions. They're required on newer vehicles in several European jurisdictions and do a great job when not abused. I've got an aftermarket Wipac unit on my MGB.

  • If you like that, check out the "Racing Activity Vehicle" law permitting Ariel Atoms to be driven (with some restrictions) on the roads of Oregon:

    It was put into place to accommodate the (all-too-brief) manufacturing of Atoms by Brammo Motorsports in Ashland.

  • 1300ccsoffury

    $50k for this is $50k not spent on a Citroen DS Decapotable. Just sayin…

  • chrystlubitshi

    i have always love both the R5 turbo I and II… but getting home and seeing those pics on the hi-res screen sends me in to a whole-'nother world…. thanks.. if i had the cash to blow, i now know where it'd go… and be trailered across the country for my various friends and family to meet at local tracks.. and drive the sh!t out of…

    i would have to share this………

  • The rear fog light is also very effective at freaking out North American tailgaters…

  • R5 Turbos are sweet, and this is a gorgeous, gorgeous car, but the price is insane. Yes, it's really rare, and in perfect condition, but I'd be afraid to drive it in this condition, and 50 grand could get some much more desirable (in my mind) machinery. These cars are now over 25 years old, so if you really wanted one, you could import it from Europe and save a bundle.

  • Being able to hear Group B blatting every day makes me willing to take out a second mortgage.


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