1957 Chevy is a Chop Not a 'Shop

Do you remember those photoshopped pictures of Porsches and Lambos and whatnot that were all squished and cartoonish looking? Of course you do, and who wouldn’t want a REAL ’57 Chevy two door wagon one of those?
Offered up on Independence Missouri – the Show Me State – Craigslist, this bizarre contraption looks professionally done, but then again, so did Transformers 2. The now size 2 shoebox lacks much in description in the ad other than the revelation that it was bought by the seller’s husband off of eBay, and then never touched. Geez, I have R/C airplanes that could fit in that category too, but I don’t tell my wife that!
The car is said to roll with a three-speed stick, but no mention is made as to whether it has a six, an eight, or a gaggle of leprechauns  on treadmills under the hood. It appears to have been made from a four-door wagon, thankfully rather than the uber-cool slant-pillared Nomad, and its lack of a splay of side trim suggests a low-end, perhaps commercial model as well.
Cragar mags and some wicked brown velour upholstery round out the visuals on this odd little one-off. If you find it strangely appealing, you’ll need to give Mrs. eBayer eight large for the opportunity to park it in your driveway. Maybe then your significant other will post it back on eBay?


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